Now don’t get value confused with your USP.  They may seem similar, but there is a subtle difference…  You’re USP is, obviously, you’re unique selling point or proposition, meaning why your customers would choose you over your competitors.  The value you give your customers, on the other hand, is what you do for your customers that they may not know about.  The ‘behind the scenes’ work if you like.

We, for instance, keep up to date with the latest technologies.  Once we have created a web site for you and it has gone LIVE we don’t just leave it there with you never hearing from us again.  We will contact our clients with any updates they should be aware of or new technology that will make their web site stand out from its competition.

So, what value do you give to your customers?

Please feel free to comment as we’d love to know how different companies interpret value and see how they provide it.