Putting packages of your products or services together, in a special offer sort of way, is a winning situation for both yourself and your customers/clients.  Packages show them what other products you have to offer and ones that compliment each other.  From the client’s point of view they receive a discount, a great deal on a product or service they want.  See…win win.

If your company has a lot of services or products to offer and you know your customers/clients have a specific need for several of them then it is a good idea to create packages, bundles and so on.

By creating different types of packages that offer a variety of your products in each, you are adding a little something extra for your client.

For example, we now have three Koogar packages;

Each of these packages offer set products, which is added to depending on the size of the package you choose.  Our Kub package offers the set products as it is the smallest – a cub being a small lion.  Whereas, a mane is associated with a bigger lion and so this package has an extra product included.  A pride relates to a large group of lions, which reflects the large size of our third package, which contains everything the previous two have but has a couple of extras thrown in.

So, why not have a look at your products and services and see what you can come up with?