Excel Ace Ltd - Social Media Screen ShotAfter months of ad hoc marketing and several networking events a week Traci Williams, Managing Director of Excel Ace, decided to trial the Pride Marketing Booster, Social Media Marketing and Training from Koogar.

The result? Well it has definitely made its mark on Excel Ace.

This case study was done in July 2011, which was the 3rd month in which the Marketing Plan had been executed.

It’s given me the consistency and focus that I was desperately lacking.

Traci Williams, a self-confessed geek looking to make spreadsheets fun, is Managing Director of Excel Ace, specialists in spreadsheet development; tailoring them to meet your business’ needs.

Whilst marketing Excel Ace herself Traci understood that it was about more than just the hard sell, but admitted that any marketing she tried was “inconsistent and based on guesswork.

However, the Pride Marketing Booster from Koogar, which looked at Traci’s target market, financial goals and also set up a 12 month marketing calendar, has really helped to focus Traci’s marketing strategy.

I think it actually takes me more time now…but this time is focussed and purpose driven, as opposed to just chancing it like I did in the past!

Although the client analysis, which looks at the demographics of your target audience, showed Traci was targeting the right market for her product it highlighted that she was not making the most out of her existing clients. The new focus Koogar has provided has seen Traci reduce the time she spends networking, concentrating instead on raising her business profile through social media; another aspect of the business that was inconsistent.

I used to use social media constantly, but then got so busy that I’d stop to concentrate on getting the work done. Then of course, it would get quiet again and the whole cycle would start over.

Through Koogar’s Marketing Booster Traci has now automated and interlinked her Social Media campaigns including E-Mail Marketing. Updating people with latest products, workshops and free Excel tips, Traci’s Social Media campaigns are generating a hugely positive response. A move that has not gone unnoticed by her followers and clients.

Koogar’s Marketing Plan has completely changed my business. The consistency of Social Media and E-mail Marketing has raised the awareness of Excel Ace and I have even been in contact with a company in California, who have agreed to refer work to me if and when the opportunity arises!

With her marketing plan carefully mapped out for the next 12 months Traci knows exactly what she should be doing, when to do it and most importantly, how.

It has taken time to build momentum, Traci is now in her third month of her new marketing plan, but the results have definitely been worth it in terms of boosting business and helping Traci to develop her focus and consistency when marketing Excel Ace.

It’s still early days for me using Koogar’s Pride Marketing Booster, but it’s brilliant and I wouldn’t want to not use it!

Additional Quotes

The continuous review of the strategy, where we tweak the plan if something doesn’t appear to be working as it should, is brilliant.

When I first discussed marketing with Amanda I was hoping to outsource this element of my business, as I didn’t consider this to be one of my strengths, but Amanda has taught me how and what to do…and it’s working!