We held a Social Media Workshop in Manchester City Centre yesterday with the help of YSes. They found us the right building and venue for the job and also recommended a great catering company last minute to supply the lunch for my delegates and myself. So I must say a BIG thank you to Ruth and Natalie. If your looking for locations to run workshops, then you must speak to these girls!

The workshop its self went really well. There were only a few delegates so we got the take our time a little more and concentrate on their businesses more which in turn helped them work out that they can actually help each other with their own Social Media strategies.

What one of the delegates said about the day;

I have three things I’m going to take away from today’s workshop:

  • How to have a coordinated Social Media strategy
  • How to use Twitter
  • How to use of Tweetdeck and Hootsuite

I came away feeling excited and inspired! I have enjoyed it all, especially the interaction!

So, if you want to walk away with the same knowledge we have more workshops happening throughout the year. Feel free to contact us and let us know what your struggling with, so we can help you have a working digital marketing strategy.