Although I have got quite a bit done today I don’t feel as productive as last week.  Even Amanda has said the day has seemed long – maybe it’s something in the air!

Anyway, what I have managed to get done today is a lot of wording for our different campaigns and the microsites that accompany them.  All five will be done by Wednesday and ready to go live so you can see some of the fantastic work Koogar does – both new and old!

I have also written numerous letters regarding different campaigns as well as a small blurb about our new city centre location and signing clients up for our email newsletter.

Hopefully everyone will have received this at some point today.  It simply highlights that if you are on our mailing list we can keep you up to date with everything new and going on in the Koogar office – it’s a great way to track what we are doing and an even better way to pick up some useful marketing tips and other information, which leads me on to my new weekly post on marketing tips…

As most of you will know I am jotting down 5 marketing tips per day that I’m in the office.  I then research them and add an explanatory paragraph, which is really useful in helping me understand the whole concept of marketing!  Anyway, from now on, every Monday around [12:00] we will be posting one marketing tip that seems the most relevant and useful to our clients.  We will also be posting a snippet of the weekly tip on Facebook and Twitter to wet your appetites, with a link to follow to the blog post on our website.

If you have already checked out the marketing tip of the day, for curiosity’s sake if nothing else, I hope you found it interesting and insightful and look forward to more to come!