I don’t want to toot my own horn (for lack of a better expression), but I seem to be getting more and more productive each day!  I have completed my list of things to do AND more in 8 hours!

I spent the first two hours of the morning on my own as Amanda was out of the office.  So, naturally, I thought I’d work my socks off and try and get as much as I could done to:

a)      Prove I can be very useful and productive when unsupervised. And…
b)      To impress Amanda :p

During these two hours I completed another one of our five campaigns and typed it up so that’s three out of five done now.  Well two that are complete with their very own microsite wording to accompany them and one that is in the beginning stages of becoming a flyer- but I still crossed it off my list, as in my opinion the first draft is complete!

Next I moved onto creating two pages of wording for a company in Manchester, who Amanda is re-designing their website for them.  It’s a very rough draft as I had to generate these two pages from only three small paragraphs of information, but as an English graduate and someone who likes to talk I managed to pad it out!  I also completed and finalised my marketing tips and now have 30 that are ready to be viewed.  And if that wasn’t enough I completed first drafts of the remaining two campaigns that Koogar is excited about- very, very busy today!

For the rest of the day I utilised my time from doing small, but time consuming jobs to big and time consuming jobs!  I sent out emails for everyone in our database (which, by the way, will update you every time we add something to our website.   Whether it be a new blog so you can keep up-to-date with what Koogar are doing or a new microsite detailing some of Koogar’s new and special offers).

I have edited two blogs which we are working on at the moment- one is going to be LIVE soon and is definitely worth a read.  It’s called ‘2 things people forget once their website has gone live’.   It gives a very informative insight into what may seem like mundane elements to a website, but are in fact the most important; Domain Names & Web Hosting.

As well as completing these and a few other small tasks I have read over and made several changes to the customer questionnaire Koogar sends out to new clients.  I am very pleased with this, although I have not began typing anything up yet, as I have been mentioning it quite a lot over the last couple of weeks, but until today had yet to make an impression on it!

Overall I am extremely happy with how today has gone and am thrilled that people, including clients actually know who I am, which is of course down to the blogs and Amanda telling everyone of course!  I was speaking to a client earlier today who asked me how I was getting on and wished me luck, which I thought was lovely to do and made me feel like a true Koogar member!