Today I’ve been working from home and have made a start on the client questionnaires that I’ve been meaning to make a start on for a while now.  After doing this I began typing up my marketing tips- yes I’m still doing them, although I don’t think I’ve mentioned them since my first day, but I’m keeping on top of them.  I’m writing small blurbs of information on each of them so hopefully they can go up somewhere on the website sometime in the future and hopefully you will fing them useful.

I have also started on another press release for a feature on Koogar on another business online magazine, which should generate a lot of interest.  We will be in April’s edition and once we’ve got the details sorted feel free to check it out as we will have a special offer on there too!

All of this has kept me busy for the majority of the day and I’ve got a fresh list to make a start on next week that I can’t wait to get my teeth sunk into.