The MyWirralHub meeting last night was great and everyone was so friendly and had some great ideas.  I really got to see exactly how dedicated Amanda, Ida and Lucy are and how hard they work to keep the events interesting and relevant for the businesses in the area.

When I got in this morning I listened to a CD by Chris Cardell on Internet Profit Strategies.  This was a great way to start the day as it really focused me on what I had to do during the day as well as giving me some great ideas which I can implement some time in March and hopefully enhance Koogar’s profile.  It also gave me some ideas for my marketing tips- yes I haven’t forgotten about them!  I’m still on track, but think it may be time to tidy them up a bit and type them up with some background knowledge and information to support them- so this is something I can do in my spare time.

What has taken up the main part of my day has been the ACME feature I’m working on at the moment.  I interviewed Amanda earlier and have now completed a couple of A4 pages all about Koogar; what the company does, its aims and philosophy.  I’ve even included some images of the logo, website and MyWirralHub.  Hopefully this will be ready to send off next week.

I am also pleased to say that it looks like one of the campaigns/ promotions I’ve been working on is almost complete.  I ran the wording past Amanda this afternoon and she liked it so all that’s left is the layout of the design, images and printing…but then I will finally be able to discuss it in more detail and you’ll be able to have a look at it yourselves.  As you can probably tell I’m very excited about this campaign.

I feel today as if I’ve actually accomplished my first official piece of marketing for Koogar.  Although it’s my fourth day I spent my first few days getting to grips with the company and marketing in general.  Most of my day was spent researching different topics and ideas so I could do these things quickly and comfortably.  Now though, I feel encouraged that I am on the right track for promoting Koogar and have completed two fairly big tasks today as well as a few smaller ones, which has helped build my confidence.

I’ve got several ideas I am going to be working on next week and I am really enthusiastic about them and am definitely looking forward to them!