Wow! I can’t believe that I was awake, dressed and functional at [06:30] this morning!  I was invited by Amanda to go along to a BNI meeting, whereby a group of local business men and woman go and talk about a new product/ service that they want to promote and who their target client is in 60 seconds!

The people were incredibly friendly and made me feel welcome immediately.  Once we had mingled and had breakfast the meeting began.  Once all the members had said their pieces (and I was asked twice if I wanted to promote Koogar, which I politely declined…heart racing) it was Amanda’s turn to give a 10 minute talk on her chosen subject as one person gets this 10 minute slot per week.  The subject was Social Media, focusing on Twitter.  It proved to be a very popular topic as the majority of people did not have or use this application and were amazed at how much interest in your business it can get you.

After the meeting everyone who had referrals (contacts that others had asked for) passed them onto each other. Amanda was passed a few and in turn handed out several!  Overall I was so impressed by how much efficient networking can be done and business created from a couple of hours every Tuesday morning.  This type of organised networking is definitely worth getting involved with if you are starting up your own business.

Throughout the rest of the day I worked on an interview for Amanda in order to create a report of Koogar to send to Merseyside ACME so they can put us on their website as a Featured Business.  This will hopefully be completed by tomorrow and ready to send off ASAP- I’ll be mentioning it in my blog when it’s on there so keep your eyes on the look out!

I also created the majority of the wording for a new campaign Amanda is looking to promote by the end of this month.  Unfortunately I can’t say too much about it, but you haven’t got much longer to wait and find out.  I’ve also been looking at a client questionnaire form to see if the wording can be changed to improve the quality, but I am still working on that so not a lot to comment on in regards to it…yet.

Although I have finished my work for the day I am off to a MyWirralHub meeting tonight to meet Ida and Lucy the other women involved in this business networking organisation for the Wirral.  I am excited as I will be able to see exactly how they organise an event, which will be extremely beneficial to me as I may be required to organise a new and upcoming event for Koogar in March- fingers crossed!