Well it’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m happy to say I survived the BNI meeting yesterday! Only kidding, there was nothing to survive.  I was welcomed straight away and was made to feel comfortable and didn’t even have to use my script card when doing my 60 seconds hurrah!

Since then I have been talking non stop about BNI and networking etc.  Despite all my yapping on though I have done quite a bit including creating some wording for a new page Koogar is going to launch very soon, which will also be using MissKoogar!

I’ve again been designing some new questionnaires, creating a spreadsheet and creating the wording for several other new pages Koogar wants to add.  So its been all go today, which is the way I like it!

Oh and hope you all found this week’s Marketing Tip helpful, so there’s no excuse now leaving a subject box blank!