I’ve had another exciting day at the office that has once again seen me doing several different things.  I started off the day by finalising the details of a one off marketing forum event, which Amanda is co-hosting.  It aims to tell people the what, how and when of marketing- helping to boost people’s confidence upon hearing the dreaded word…Marketing!

I also managed to complete a set of instructions as to how one uses WordPress, which is the software you can use to update posts, create pages amongst many other things on your website.  I’m quite proud of my set of instructions, as I have only recently got to grips with the software myself and think I have done a detailed job, which will hopefully benefit people in the future.

I have been manically researching and typing away at my ever growing list of Marketing Tips and have added the third tip to the website so feel free to take a look at it and thanks to those who commented on last week’s tip about networking.  I’m glad you all found it useful.

I then took a long lunch, which by 1 o’clock was definitely needed as my stomach kept reminding me!  During the last few hours of the afternoon I have been creating a ticket invitation for the Marketing Forum event, which will be available from Wednesday onwards and is definitely worth having a look at!

I have also been busy creating a few varying Press Releases and Featured Business articles which I intend to use to promote Koogar over different medias in the next few weeks as we have several new campaigns that we need to promote and will be on the website asap as I know they will be of great benefit to a number of you!

So it looks like Wednesday is going to be a busy day with lots going up on the website so I’ll be sure to keep you all updated so until then…try using our marketing tip of the day and see if it helps boost sales!