I have done quite a lot of writing today and creating the wording for different event notifications- so have thoroughly enjoyed myself!

A New Upcoming Networking Event!

I started off the day by creating an email invite and the follow up website wording for a new networking event that Koogar and Azzure Marketing ( http://www.azzuremktg.co.uk/)  are organising for the near future.  The event is aiming to outline marketing and its importance within a business as well as getting people to welcome the idea of marketing instead of flinching from the mere mention of it!

After an hour or so of creating a couple of drafts and then typing it up I set my mind to proofreading the MyWirralHub website as a couple of people have mentioned there were spelling mistakes- I had a look and found two.  I re-worded parts of it and added parts to bulk it up a bit more and try and explain the idea behind some of the decisions, which I hope you find helpful next time you visit the website.


Today is Monday…which means it’s the second instalment of Koogar’s new feature- Marketing Tips.  Today’s tip is all about networking and how important it is for any business, old and new.  Having been to a networking event with Koogar I have seen first hand how effective it can be for generating new business.  I have also included a few important hints concerning networking events as they differ greatly.  However, don’t just think you have to network at these specific events.  You can network virtually anywhere.  I knew a girl who wanted to move to Canada and work for a large company over there but had no clue where to start.  Then one day she got talking to a woman at the bus stop whose daughter was Chief Executive of the company she wanted to work for and she was immediately given the necessary contact details!  I’m not saying every old lady at a bus stop will be able to help you with a job or generate thousands of pounds of business for you, but it just shows, you never know who you might get talking to…

As I’m on the subject of networking I should mention that tonight I am going to one of the My Wirral Hub networking events in Neston which promises to be a huge success as 30 people have indicated they will be attending!  I can’t wait as I’ve seen how much organisation Amanda, Lucy and Ida put into the events and now I’ll be able to see how they actually function.  It’s still not too late to show up, just have a look at the website for more details www.mywirralhub.co.uk and remember a buffet is being provided and it’s £5 to get in, but all of this is going to The Roy Castle Foundation.

For the remainder of the afternoon I have been re-writing a featured business article for Koogar as we are trying to get featured in a number of publications.  I completed one a few weeks ago and have just, in the last 10-15 minutes, completed the second- leaving me two more to do over the next week or so!  So I’m going to get back to typing up the second version as I only have half an hour left in the office!

Don’t forget to check out the new Marketing Tip– it should prove very useful if you’re not already doing it so…enjoy!