Today has been a different day altogether!

I began the day by completing a first draft of the microsite wording for one of our new campaigns coming up.  After I had completed this I made a start on the next one; three down and two to go.  Halfway through drafting this copy I was able to take part in a meeting with Amanda and Julie, who are thinking about organising some workshops where they will both be able to speak on different subjects concerning marketing.

This was a nice change to drafting up my campaigns and I am now helping to organise the event- which promises to be worth its weight in gold as both Amanda and Julie are highly experienced in their sectors.  I am going to be responsible for the website updates and information as well as emails.  The event itself will be taking place in May so watch out for our updates on the website as well as on Facebook and Twitter!

I then composed the minutes for the meeting, which left the rest of the afternoon to drafting up the wording for the two remaining microsites.

I researched around the subjects to gain a better perspective as well as ensuring what I had written flowed on well from the campaign leaflets themselves.  After a few hours of typing, erasing and scribbling frantically with a pen I have now completed all five campaign leaflets and the three or more pages of wording needed for each of their microsites!

All that’s needed now is a quick glance over and making any needed revisions before they can go live on the website- but don’t worry, when they do I’m sure you’ll be kept informed by my blog, Tweets, Facebook, the newsletter and Amanda herself!