Hi! My name’s Laura and I am a recent graduate on placement with Koogar.  Throughout the next three months I will be keeping a diary about what I’ve been doing during the day and my thoughts and feelings towards these activities.  Now that my introduction, albeit short and sweet, is over I’ll begin…

This is my first diary entry and I’m still getting to grips with the whole idea of marketing.  If you have read my interview you’ll know that I was quite nervous about marketing the company and being very much involved with new marketing campaigns.

Well, it’s now the end of my first day and although I’m still a bit nervous I am settling in and becoming more comfortable and dare I say confident with the tasks ahead of me.

I started off the day by listening to a Marketing Mastermind CD and one piece of information really stood out; podcasts.  Needless to say this idea then proceeded to take up my morning as I wanted to find out how easy it was to create a podcast, which directories would it be best to post them, what is blog radio and how we could use podcasts to help promote Koogar.  From looking into podcasts I have learned, and hope you will agree, that by marketing/ promoting a campaign many clients would find it slightly different but more approachable if they heard Amanda’s voice explaining the campaign in more detail (as well as being able to access the information on the Koogar website).  As well as this clients could even if they wanted to raise a query on Koogar’s Q&A website by uploading an audio message.

Throughout the afternoon I was busy creating 5 marketing tips.  I will produce 5 per day that I’m on placement and these will be produced as a whole at the end of each month.  In this instance however, I feel slightly at an advantage as I am learning and gaining knowledge about marketing all the time as I did not posses a vast knowledge to begin with.

Overall, my first day has been very interesting, enlightening and most of all exciting.  A great way to start a placement I’d say.