Laura Allen is an English student who is coming to work with Koogar over the next three months. She will be working on a range of different things, from new products, event organisation and copy writing.

Read more below to find out a little more about Laura.

My full name is Laura Jane Allen and I was born in Liverpool, in Allerton and lived here until I was 18. This was when I moved to Hull to go to university for a 3 year degree, but stayed on an extra year where I got a job working with American Express.

I chose to go to Hull University on the advice from a 6th form tutor, so my Mum and I drove over there and took at look at the facilities. We liked it and this was where I completed my English degree.

My ideal job would be to become a Chief Editor within a publishing house, looking after books… not papers or magazines, but I don’t mind trying it out. I would love to work with Penguin, but would also love to work for another publishing house down in London. I think to start with I would like to have a job in Liverpool first and then I can move on to other places.

Ideally I would like to work in the North East. I love Yorkshire, the people are laid back along with the lifestyle and everyone is friendly.

I found information on the Radio City website which talked about graduate training with a company called Blue Orchid. I called and spoke to Jo who then told me about a Marketing position going within Koogar. To be honest I wasn’t sure about marketing to begin with but once Jo explained the type of work I could be doing I wanted to know more. She talked about copy writing, working with local businesses and offering advice.

I applied to work with Koogar because you gave a list of things that I would potentially be working on which helped me understand a little more about marketing and how I could fit in. I would like to work with smaller companies by giving them support and would also like to have a look at the web/Internet side of things. Never thought of this aspect before.

My role model would be a tutor from University. When she came into the room to speak she gained a massive amount of respect and had a great presence on the stage… All this by just walking into a room.

I inspire to be a Copy Editor within a publishing house, but you never know… that might change. I’m finding more and more things that I haven’t known about before. I would love to work with and help people who write for hobbies. I would give them help and support them with ideas and reviewing their copy too.

A friend of my mums got me a picture of Liverpool docks in 1912ish as a present and told me to “Never forget where you come from”. Its something I will always remember and live by.

Koogar is very excited to be working with Laura as she has a lot of ideas and new skills to bring to the company. I’m sure you will give her a warm welcome if you ever meet her or speak to her on the telephone.