PSA Member LogoAmanda Dodd, Founder of the Koogar marketing agency and a popular speaker on digital marketing topics, is now a Professional Member in the Professional Speaking Association (PSA). Amanda regularly attends her PSA region in Manchester, Northwest.

Amanda speaks frequently to business owners, marketing managers and a variety of industry groups on such topics as Social Media, Engagement and Marketing (Digital and Traditional).

“This is a great honor and goal I wanted to achieve” said Amanda. “After speaking for several years, it is gratifying to become a professional participate in such a prestigious society of speakers.”

Amanda has been selected for the “Professional Member” of the PSA. This level is only available to speakers who have given a minimum of 10 presentations, talks, speeches, webinars, training workshops, teleseminars, or other communications for audiences during the previous 12 months.

Audiences have praised Dodd for delivering entertaining, knowledgeable and effective presentations. She often speaks at 6th Form College’s and University groups as well as Conferences. Amanda can offer bespoke presentations on many different digital marketing subjects.

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