Yesterday Koogar interviewed Dr.Ivan Misner to find out what he thinks about Marketing.

At the beginning of 2011, Koogar took a look at the new years marketing plan. One thing I took from last year (2010) and previous years in business is that there are a lot of people in business who are unsure of what marketing is and are also scared to put themselves out there, even though they are in business to make money.

I regularly attend Marketing Seminars to see what others are up to and how they go about promoting themselves as times are changing, marketing is changing and its happening quickly.

I decided to ask people who have been there and done it… I decided at the beginning of 2011 that I’m going to interview a range of successful business owners and ask them “what their take is on Marketing“, to see if they could give us an insight into what has helped them build their empire(s), and also see if they can give us some hints and tips along the way.

The first person I have interviewed is Dr.Ivan Misner who is the founder and chairman of BNI (Business Network International). BNI is the largest networking organisation in the world that help business owners come together and refer each other for business every week. Koogar has been a member in BNI Alpha in Liverpool for over 3 years and thought there was no better place to start.

The interview has been recorded and will be uploaded for you to listen to and will also be transcribed giving you some of the websites and links Dr.Ivan Misner has recommended we take a look at.

If you not currently in BNI and are looking for a new marketing stream for your business, I can obviously recommend it.

Share your stories about BNI and how it has helped you and keep an eye on our website for the full interview.