Yes, the fiscal year has just turned and we are VERY pleased to announce that Koogar has gone Limited.

Koogar started off as a hobby for Amanda back in 2006 (while she was working full time as an Internet Developer in Stockport) and over the years Koogar has pleasantly developed into a full time career, passion and company for Amanda. We started out as a Web Design company, as this at the time was the goal for Amanda to keep up her design skills, help businesses have a better web presence and to de-mystify the Internet for people.

I’m sure your aware that Koogar genuinely loves what we do for our clients and strive to be the best within our field!

Because of many of you (and despite the recession), Koogar has been going for nearly 5 years now, so we think its time that the company stood up and spread its paws.

Koogar has decided NOW is the right time to go Limited in the new tax year of 2011.

By going Limited it means that Koogar’s new vision can be rolled out. This new vision, is for the company to grow and expand, and really help new and existing existing clients to deliver thier marketing messages with even more impact and success. We would also like to help other businesses that you may know, to give the same care and devotion for their website’s, social media training and branding.

We plan to not only look after your website, but also develop your “Brand” on and offline for you, using Digital Marketing.

What does this mean to you?

Koogar wants to be even more successful by giving our clients even more value for their money!

We are looking to maintain ALL of our relationships, as we know you are all serious about growing and evolving your own visions, (whatever that may be as every ones vision of success is different). If you would like to know more about our new vision for Koogar and additional services you could benefit from, you’ll be able to find it on our website. Check out our philosophy and go from there…

We look forward to working with you, networking with you even more and helping you grow using Digital Marketing.