You might be wondering what a Lily Allen album has to do with helping you increase your sales.

Well, the album hasn’t but the title has – let me explain.

When we meet a new client for the first time, we’re always more nervous than they are – Will they like me? Will they want what I’m selling?

It’s natural to feel nervous. But the down-side is that it makes us do things we shouldn’t.

For one, it makes us talk too much. Why is that?

There are many reasons, but we’ll look at two here –

  1. Fear of silence
  2. Desire to tell the client everything we can about us

Let’s look at silence first – we don’t like it, especially when we’re nervous. 10 seconds of silence can feel like an eternity. So we feel we have to fill the silence by talking. Here’s the thing – we don’t have to be the only one talking. In fact, we really don’t want to be the one talking at all.

We’re there to find out more about the client and their business so we can decide the best way to help them – and we can only do that by asking questions, and shutting up!

How many times have we found ourselves asking a question and then answering it before the client has chance to speak? Or even worse, talking over the client as they’re trying to answer? A simple rule to remember – if a question is worth asking, the answer is worth listening to.

And don’t be afraid to find out more. If the client gives us an answer, don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper – Why is that important? How did you come to that decision?

We’re not digging for the sake of it; we’re giving ourselves the broadest picture of the client’s situation in order to be able to help them in the best possible way. And it gets our client talking – and the more they’re talking the less we are!

So, why do we always fall into telling the client everything about us? Because we see it as safe ground – we know all about us so we feel most comfortable talking about it. But unfortunately, while we’re talking about us we’re not finding out about them. If we’re lucky enough to secure a 30-minute meeting , we should spend the first 20 minutes finding out about the client, then spend the last 10-minutes talking about us –  and there’s a trick to doing that, too!

So, what does Lily Allen have to do with this? Think about it – when we meet a client for the first time, it’s not about us; it’s all about the client. It’s not me, it’s you…

I’m sure that grabbed your attention and made you think about your next meeting with a client. 
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