In the Matrix, Neo is updated within seconds when he needs or wants to know something new because his situation has changed.

Within your industry… how often do things change and what changes?

When it does change what do you do about it? Do you go on courses, read up with PDP (Personal Development Plan) time.
Do you make sure you do this once a month?
How often do you get updated?

Koogar recently attended a Web Seminar called Speak the Web held in Liverpool but also at various locations around the North.

I have always wanted to attend a web seminar which is where designers, developers, programmers and others find out about whats happening now within the Internet/digital and design. The latest code to use, the latest design styles, programmes available, best practises and how others do things.

I was very nervous when I got there, didn’t know what to expect but by the time I had left I had a ton of new ideas, things to go and check out and try out too! I was so excited I cant tell you… I just wanted to pop!

I also won a book by Paul Boag a guy I have been following for a while (in terms of podcasts and blogs).

Since this experience I want to be the best person, designer and business owner I can be even more than before!

Simon Collinson who was one of the speakers of the night REALLY inspired me! Again Simon is another person I have been following for years and there he was in front of me, delivering a talk and explaining his philosophy of work and ethics.

I would highly recommend going to a seminar held for your industry, you WILL pick up ideas, meet some new people and you may even win a prize like I did. I will be going again if they hold it and have also decided to attend a few GeekUps in my area (Chester and Liverpool). My advice to you is read more, go back to basics and most importantly enjoy what your doing and have fun!

So, what do you do to keep up with the latest trends within your industry?
You don’t want to fall behind now, do you…