Do you understand your client?

Had a fantastic 1-2-1 with a new member of BNI and also had a great conversation it was about knowing your clients and making sure you cater for all of them as they are all different.

Karen from Adaptive Comms split clients up into 4 categories:

  1. Peacocks
  2. Bulls
  3. Sheep
  4. Owls

Which one do you think you are? and before we carry on yea all of us have some amount of sheep within us! Its true!

Peacocks ares the type of clients that love the way something looks. They don’t care how it works because its all about the presentation or perception of others for that product or service. They will have it because its bling! and they think everyone should have one because what ever it is, its a fashion accessory or a must have!

Bulls are the type of clients who pretend they know what your talking about and already know everything there is to know about your product or service. They just spout “Yes, yeah, yes I know what you mean! yeah yeah yes… I understand…” but at the end of your conversation they really don’t know what happened during the meeting or what they said yes to.

Sheep are… well sheep. They do what everyone else does and has to have what everyone else has. They never really make up their own mind about things as they just copy and follow other people. This isn’t necessarily a good thing as a lot of things might not work for their company like its worked for someone else’s company. You have to be careful with sheep and guide them in the right direction for the things that would suit them.

Owls are the type of clients who constantly ask questions and wants to know how your product or service works. They don’t really care about its looks as much as a Peacock, but they need to make sure they know every single thing about that product or service before they can buy it. They are always calling you or emailing you making sure about something else and once they have bought the product or service they are asking about changes in the future already.

I thought this was a great analogy of client types and I know which one I am too.

Koogar is an Owl and you’ll probably find that I ask for everything about a product or service before I buy it as I need to know if its going to work and how it would work for Koogar.

  • I need the benefits and features before I put my money on the table.
  • I will never make a decision there and then.
  • I will think about it until Im happy that everything fits.
  • Ill worry about the looks of it later as I can sort that kind of thing out myself (which are the joys of running a marketing company).

Now knowing which category your client fits into, do you know how you could sell to them better? and what could be a new approach for you?

As long as you have answers for the Owl, a pretty product for the Peacock, many suggestions for the Sheep and patience for the Bull I think youll be fine!

So, I have a few questions for you:

  1. Which types of clients do you have?
  2. Which types of clients do you want?
  3. Which animal are you?

I look forward to hearing about your thoughts on this and to see which category you fit into. Thanks again Karen for the great 1-2-1!