#enco2014I had typed this on the train home from Birmingham, where I have been for the last few days, attending a 2 Day Marketing Conference held (21st & 22nd September) at the ICC.

We stayed at NiteNite City Hotel which was very different to a normal hotel. We slept in what looked to be cupboards with very little space but more than enough for the next two days and very comfortable.

What have I taken from the last two days? Well, quite a lot… but more motivation than anything else!

Day 1

The Woz (Steve Wozniak)!!! WOW this guy is brilliantly clever and fun! Some delegates were disappointed that he didn’t share tips specifically about business, however the bits I took from his fast paced and detailed presentation was have fun, be passionate and be yourself!

During our lives we sometimes worry about how other people see us and if we fit in or not. As I listened to Steve talk, it actually felt like I was listening to a 12 year old boy who was so excited about what he was doing and just loved connecting and building things, not a 64 year old guy who had built one of the most influential pieces of technology for the 20th century. On that stage I could see a “Goonie” who felt nerdy and shy but gave the world something new which has changed the way we communicate.  Fantastic and inspirational!

H = S – F… “Happiness equals smiles minus frowns” – Steve Wosniak #enco2014

A session on mystery shopping was in the second half of day one were the room was brought to life with tips, suggestions and insights on how we act in front of our customers. A new job title for your receptionist “the director of first impressions” was also mentioned and how this person needs to be with internal and external customers.

As a live example, the very next morning whilst in a queue for the cloakroom, the clerk (Silvia) radioed to another team member within the ICC and said in a slow and moaning tone, “I’m on my own, by myself plus my machine isn’t working…. I need help!” It was very obvious she didn’t want to be there. I asked if she was OK but she replied “I’m having a really bad day…” which came out muffled because she was sucking her finger. Silvia had broken a nail on my bag. The strange thing was it was 7am and the ICC had literally just opened (granted something could have happened before she came into work). However, how you treat people from the very first meeting is how they will see you from then on. Don’t start on a back foot!

You don’t get a second chance to make a 1st impression!

P-M-M-F-S – Please make me feel special. During this session we stuck a post it note to our heads, turned to the person we sat next to and gave them a compliment to make them feel special. It’s something that we need to build into our customer service!

Day 2

Hearing Debra Searle on day two was phenomenal on many levels, the first one being the trip and adventure of a life time that she under took alone (Rowing the Atlantic). Secondly how she implemented the small things she had learned during that joinery to her business and finally as a speaker. Debra delivered an outstanding performance with emotion and laughter… and received a double standing ovation from the 1400 delegates within the ICC.

Her story was an amazing one and very relevant for me on a few different levels;

  • One, my all time sport I have wanted to do for a number of years keeps popping up; Rowing – it is calling me and I will do it!
  • Second, the fear that holds you back as a business owner, which all business owners go through at some point and how to overcome it using things like memory music and photos.
  • Finally, having the belief in yourself even when others don’t. Your mind set is very important! We need to stay motivated to be able to deliver the best we can for our work and life.

Start your day in the right way!

I have written 15 pages of notes, ideas, to dos, not to dos, and research. It is all going to be scheduled in as soon as time allows. The key messages I have taken from these last two days are;

  1. building relationships
  2. defining your niche
  3. keeping motivated
  4. consistently marketing yourself
  5. giving as much value as you possibly can

These things are really important and without them we cannot grow.

Keep your eye on Koogar. We are moving to the next level and want you to come with us!

The action I would like you to take is…

If you attended the event we’d love to hear your thoughts and what you are taking away to implement in your business…