Google makes changesGoogle rolls out NEW algorithm starting, 21st April…

Changes are based on how your website will be ranked in the future…

As of 21st April 2015, Google is rolling out and changing the way websites need to be seen to be ranked higher in the search engine, which means “mobilgeddon” has begun!

You will start receiving calls and emails telling you your website isn’t mobile friendly and that you HAVE TO do X,Y, and Z to make sure you stay where you are.

So what does this mean to you?

All websites work on various mobile devices it’s just about how its displayed, the size of font, images, do the forms work, etc. At the moment you may have to pinch, zoon and scroll on your mobile device to ensure that it fits the screen so you can see everything you need. But there are other variants of this;

  1. Responsive: Your site has been built from the beginning or from scratch using responsive and HTML5 code.
  2. Dedicated: You have a separate website from your desktop version which is automatically redirected to the correct version depending on which device you are on.
  3. Or what we call Alternative: Where you use an open source CMS (Content Managed System, i.e. WordPress) and use plugins and widgets to change your website and display it in a variety of ways depending on the device it is being viewed on.

Just because your website isn’t mobile friendly doesn’t mean it will be penalised by Google, it just means you won’t be boosted/promoted as much as mobile friendly sites will be.

So as of today, your website has to be suitable and meet the needs and requirements of Google.

Steps to move you and your website forward?

  1. Test your website on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Checker
  2. Decide which is the appropriate way forward for you and your website by choosing one of the above options
  3. Keep an eye on your Statistics (within Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools) to see how your hits, page views and everything are stacking up since the change.

The action I’d like you to take is…

If you need some help or advice over Google’s changes feel free to email us at or call 0151 380 0241 to book a FREE 20 minute website review to help you move forward and stay on track with your Digital Marketing.