It’s a bit of a different title, I know, but that’s what the past week has been like for us…different to say the least.

It started off with a meeting, which in actual fact, only one party knew about.  Suffice to say it was a pointless trip, but not entirely wasted as we took a lovely drive through suburban streets and many country lanes, which we have the Sat Nav to thank for.

Despite the random occurences on our journey there were consistent incidents concerning creatures of the winged variety.  Several birds along our route, whether we were on a motorway, a quiet street or on a country lane, decided to play chicken with the car- diving right in front of us without a care in their feathery world!  Hence why we gave them the nickname of Kamikaze birds (fortunately none of them succeeded in their mission)!

The rest of the week was filled with yet more meetings which took up the whole of Thursday, but all went swimmingly and we got through a lot, which left happy (if not a little tired) faces around the office.

So, from a meeting that didn’t happen and suicidal birds to numerous meetings that did happen and went very well (despite us not being able to eat cake), welcome to a week in the life of Koogar…