"E" for Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns have been abused in the past by people buying databases of names and contact details which they have never had contact with, which is a problem.

Everyday email is now seen as an interruption through out our day, but without them communication would stop and our phone would ring more, which is just another interruption. Emails can be read when we are ready and have time…

So how do you use Email Marketing Campaigns to your advantage?

Campaigns can be used to connect with customers, find out when is best to contact them and how they use the information we want to share with them.

Emails are part of social media as you want the end user to interact with it. An email campaign isn’t meant to be read fully, but used to move the user from place to place, like your website, watch a video or to read the rest of an article.

Giving too much information gives the user the illusion that it is going to take a lot of time and effort to read the whole thing, so the quicker we can move them on the better. The user can then scan the email to find the elements that are relevant to them.

Within business, your email is potentially read by recipient using their smart phones first and then re-read on a desktop or laptop later to remind them of what you were talking about, and because of the size of the screen we only need to give them one or two things to do. These are the C.T.A’s or “calls to action“.

Top tips for Email Marketing:

  1. Don’t buy a database of people/names you do not know. Think about what you would do when receiving an email from a stranger. Yes, that’s right… it will usually get deleted.
  2. When they open the email, what do you want them to do with it? Click a button to buy something, read more of an article, and watch a video? Remember to move them on….
  3. Check how it looks on your mobile phone as well as in other email clients to see if anything is missing or could be brought to the forefront.
  4. Don’t fill it with too much information. Just give them enough to get them interacting with the email and then review number two in this list. (Rinse, repeat…)

There is a lot more to Email Marketing but we wanted to just give you a few tips to get you going.

Good luck! And let us know how you’re using Email Marketing and what interaction you’re getting from it. Always here to help!