At the age of 12 I asked my Mum if I could have a computer and lucky me got one! I got an Apple Mac on my birthday which I had to share. I still have today, (probably a collectors item now).

I was one of the best students in my Information Technology class during school. I loved it and wanted more! I also attended an after school Roller Disco at the Youth Club down the road from our house which turned into a hobby when I bought my first pair of blades at 16. They went everywhere with me.

Inspiration comes from different places for everyone.

If you mess with the best, you die like the rest!

In 1995 a film called “Hackers” came out with Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie. By the time I finished watching this film I wanted to be a Hacker! The story, the computers, the sound track, the style of clothes, the graphics, the blades; Actually everything in this film intrigued me into wanting to know more. Could I have a job that encompassed all of these things?

Crash Overide, Acid Burn, Cereal Killer and Koogar are all handles. Whats yours?

Over the last 3 months Koogar has been working with Business Advisor’s from BHH Progress (updated 2014) who help busy business owners take their life back and working with my Coach Robertson Fox for nearly two years who help individuals breath. Due to the nature of our work, I’m online all the time and can work at any time at all. When you run your own company its hard to switch off.

For the past three weeks I have been working on the Koogar mission and vision, not just for 2011 but for the life time of Koogar. What do we want from the company? What do we want to achieve for the company and for our clients? These are the types of questions we have been asked to answer.

Going back to the reason WHY you started doing what you do is a great way of getting your mojo back, getting inspired and getting your vision. Watching this film again has just inspired me to be the best I can be with my work and life!

Understanding what you want from life or your business helps you get there that little bit faster.

What film inspires you?