Today I cancelled a few things we needed to attend for Koogar (working on the business) and concentrated on doing some actual work, but I’m still planning on networking tonight in Chester. The reason I cancelled is sometimes you just go a long to things for the sake of it without looking at the schedule and working out your deadlines and other things like admin that need to be done.

Anyway, I was running a little late due to unforeseen circumstances, but still got the the networking event 20 minutes late (and hadn’t missed the speaker). I had to attend this event as I have been asked to speak in a few months with regards to Social Media and how it can help your business, so I wanted to go to see the facilities and make some notes so I am prepared for when its my turn.

The speaker this evening was Chrissie [PAUSE] Chrissie Gibson, a lady who is very knowledgeable when it comes to networking and who I have met and seen speak many times before. (Chrissie has also spoken at a MyWirralHub event).

Even though I have heard Chrissie speak many times, I still pick up little nuggets of information on networking best practices. Since this event I have decided to attend a workshop put on by Chrissie so I don’t miss anything out and polish my networking skills.

Have you attended one of Chrissie’s courses? If yes, do you recommend it and what was the best thing you took away from it?