This week Koogar attended the Business Northwest Event in Manchester’s G-Mex.

We started quite early as we got the train and got to the venue about 9am.

I met a business colleague on the train on the way and before we made a start, we went and found a full English breakfast at a little cafe called “Bowlers”. Once we had finished and set ourselves up for the day, we then proceeded to be in the first group of speed networking of the day.

There were 50 businesses lined up in what they called “cots” ready to deliver their 60 second pitch, pass business cards and potentially do business. I saw this as a great opportunity to practise Koogar’s new 60 second proposition to new people and businesses. Obviously the more you practise the better and more confident you become in delivering it to others.

So, why did we go to this event knowing we have a lot of work on at the moment and spend time away from the business?

Well, we ask ourselves this question every time we are not in the office. As we all know, you need to spend and use your time effectively! Our goal for the day was to maybe find new clients, practise our new 60 second pitch, but more importantly come up with some new ideas for the business.

On Thursday we met a new PR company that we would like to do businesses with, an online magazine and also got re-aquainted with Business Link.

It is worth going to there events to take you away from the business and the day to day work for a while to:

  • Reflect
  • Talk to people who are in the similar position to yourself
  • Have time to come up with new ideas for your business and your clients!

If you went along, please let us know what you thought and what you got out of it… We look forward to hearing from you!