BLUE Whole Blueberries (aka BLUE Sauces): We are a small fruit farm on the Welsh Shropshire border that produce Blueberry sauces, syrups, salad dressings and drink mixers.

We are a new, small, family run business starting out in a tough economic environment. Progress, costs, getting out there, costs, being visible, costs, design work, costs. Advice is readily available from a variety of sources, both government and private, but few have come close to the quality of advice we have received from Koogar.

@BLUESAUCES Tweet on Friday 12th August: Thought you might be interested. Since your course, are 7th on google list below BBC… Page 14 before…Many thanks :)

Implementing Koogar’s suggestions have boosted our online presence from near obscurity to the front page of search engines. Sounds great but there is a lot of time involved in getting there when you do not have an unlimited budget to bump up the ranks, but all you need is time.

The old adage of “you get out what you put in” has never rung more true than in this case. The key as I see it is persistence, keep at it, keep visible, keep people interested. Social media and websites are a fabulous business tool, a way to educate and connect with the customer.

BLUE are proud to have been Koogar’d…

Guy came up with the new idea for the Koogar’d T-Shirts. Thanks Guy! And we’re really pleased you have got so much from our Social Media Workshop too. Well done!

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