Bio – Written by James Crowe of Summit Online Marketing

His SEO Liverpool blog provides advice for SEO’s, small business owners and those who wish to get higher rankings in the search engines.

Content Is King

Let me be clear, I’m not talking about the content you’ve already written for your website. The ‘about us’ or ‘our aims’ pages. I’m not even talking about the descriptive text about your services on every page. I’m talking about regular, weekly, new content.

The fresh content aspect of the Google Algorithm (mathematics behind the code that decides where a website is places among billions of pages) is the biggest win as far as small businesses are concerned.

I’m almost positive your web-designer/developer has encouraged you to set up a blog section on your website. They want you to have little snippets (about a paragraph long) from those posts and placed at the bottom of your webpages.

As far as you’re are concerned, they’re trying to add to your workload and you don’t like it.

Even worse, if you wanted to blog, you feel you’ve not enough to talk about. You feel you’re part of an industry that any outsider would find pretty dull.

Classic examples of this are accountancy, insurance and most B2B sales. You don’t feel the man/women on the street would really care to read about such things.

Well Google really, really, really cares

Let me briefly explain why…

Google was initially created as an academic tool. Its purpose is to deliver the best result to the searcher, because the best delivered results will mean lots of people use it! Remember it’s only a website, but more importantly it’s a business. The more people using it, the more traffic, the more traffic, the more they can sell sponsored links to advertisers. The more people who pay, the more money they make. They’re growing and protecting a 4 billion dollar a quarter business, with more than 80% of that revenue generated from search.

To give it some perspective. This company owns YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and WordPress… and it doesn’t charge 99% of users for any of them. That’s how important it’s search engine business is!

The reasons why I should Write A Blog?

Firstly, the search engine isn’t as complex as you believe! It has no possible way of knowing if your business is still trading without you spelling it out.

e.g. You buy a domain name – – you’ve bought it for 1 year from January 1st. Unfortunately after 3 months you cease trading. Nobody ever contacts the hosting provider and says lets take this down, i’m not trading anymore.

Google knows this. So the best indicator to Google that you’re still alive and kicking is to add new content.

The worst possible result for a searcher would be to click a Top Google listing to a business that is no longer trading, or take advice that’s no longer relevant.

What Should You Do

If you add a blog post every year, you’re simply telling the system you’re alive. You’re not great, but you’re still trading. The search engine spies or spiders as they’re called, will visit your website around every 3 months, and report back to Google.

If you write a post every month, it will learn to pop back every month, and this can be scaled to every day or even every hour.

Think about it like this…

If you’re a HR company, that only posts every year, regardless of how professional you are as a bricks and mortar business, all Google can possibly know is how current your information is.

If you’re competing with another company for that all important number one listing. It will on some level favour the site, with the most new content.

Secondly Blogs lead to the next biggest thing is SEO… Links.

I’ll cover this in my next post.