Design every day is a challenge that has been set by Smashing Magazine and Koogar is taking up the challenge. We have compiled a list of different subjects, features and layouts we are going to create during each month in 2010 and would like your support and guidance of what you would like to see.

Amanda would like to get her drawing skills back and wants to use this opportunity to do so. “Designing something everyday will help my hand get used to using a pencil/pen again. Working with computers everyday means I don’t use these tools on a daily basis any more and sometimes get cramp when I do use them.

This opportunity is also a great way to get new ideas down not just for me but for our clients and others too.

So please bear with me while my drawing skills get back to what they used to be…”

In January we have decided to design whatever comes to mind… So you will be seeing some random drawings until February, where we have collated a list of things we would like to create.

Each time Koogar designs something, we will be submitting it for everyone to see on We will be tweeting the design along with #daily365 so that Smashing Magazine will be picking it up.

Please follow the Koogarsox blog for the updates to see what we have been up to…