Hanging round with the right peopleI’m in my 2nd month of being part of a new mastermind group. This is a group of people who meet once every 6 weeks for a day and a half. We bring our business problems to the table to get insight, knowledge and expertise from our peers and business coach to enable us to make a decision there and then so we can move on to build a business we want. Walking away with actions and more clarity on what we are in the process of building.

Mastermind meaning – The concept of the “master mind alliance” was introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book from the 1920s, The Law of Success, and expanded upon in his 1930s book, Think And Grow Rich.

Mastermind is more about the personal growth than the financial growth for me. It’s about me going to the next level in business, making decisions (difficult or not), taking more risk and really understanding what I want from my business to allow me to do more with my life.

The reason why I ask are you hanging round with the right people is because if you are not, what are the opportunities and/or decisions that is not being made or taken because of that fact?

We all have that friend or associate (past or current) who is someone who has an answer for EVERYTHING followed by a “but”. They feel they may be helping with what they are saying although in actual fact they are either stealing your dream by not believing in you, constantly questioning you or just don’t understand where you are coming from. The reason for this is because they are not in the same head space as you.

That friend or associate could be a sibling, client, parent, friend or business acquaintance. Every time they call, you go out for a coffee or see the green light pop up on Facebook, you notice your physiology changing. Your heart goes a little faster or you just think…. “errgghh”. You start wondering what they want and how much time they are going to “sap” from you this time. And I say sap because that is EXACTLY what they are doing. They are either going to sap your time or your energy and maybe even both by complaining to you about their life or business. You know who I mean don’t you…

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a rant or a person to talk to every now and again. I’m not talking about those people though. I’m talking about the ones that JUST moan and constantly say “yes, but…” or “it’s alright for you…”.

Hanging round with people who are on the same wave length as you builds you up, gets you excited and inspires you to take action and move forward. So what’s not to love?

I recently spent some time with a client who was a little down due to a number of things happening personally and business wise.

One of the questions I posed to her is “Are you the cleverest person in the room? Because if you are… you shouldn’t be in that room anymore.”

This is where I am with my Mastermind group… I am not the cleverest or smartest person in the room any more, which may sound arrogant but its true. I want to learn from people who have been there and done it, who have been through my particular struggle and come through it the other side. People who have so much passion, by just spending 10 minutes with them you are fired up and ready to take focused action and eager to do something.

I’ve personally been going through some tough stuff from the beginning if the year which I’m now seeing as a test of survival. NOW is my time to step up and move to the next level myself. Find out who I am and what I am made of.

I’m not here to be a “yes” women, although I do know plenty of those.

By me being my best for me, it will then spread onto the people I work with and for which in tern enables them to be the best at what they do.

Going back to the question are you the cleverest person in the room… I have two questions:

Which room do you need to leave?

Which room should you move onto?

I just want to assure you that the room you are leaving has got you to where you are and has helped you no end in getting clients, more confidence, introductions or whatever else. However! It’s not going to be the same room or the people in it that will move you to the next level.

The new room you choose should scare you and excite you at the same time (which is actually the same feeling just a different word). The new room is going to challenge you and make you think long and hard about HOW you want things to be in the future which I personally find NOT ONLY exciting, I now look forward to being taken to a place I’ve never thought I would be…

They say that magic and miracles happen outside your comfort zone and that you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around with the most.

The action I would like you to take…

… is to take a look in the next room where ever that may be… Go and see what it is about. It could be a new networking event, CDP Training like The Koogar Academy, club or organisation like a Chamber of Commerce or a new level with your coach or Mastermind group.

Just test the water because you never know where it could take you!