Sue Evans from Fast and Lasting ChangeAt this time of year, we round off the festivities and take a good look at the year to come. Many of us realise that things are not entirely as we want them, and whether that’s hugely energising or a bit daunting, it means there’s work to be done….. but maybe much less than you think…..

Over the years of supporting people to achieve success, I’ve noticed a few key themes when they start out

  1. Often when they take a closer look at how they’re seeing it in their mind’s eye, the goal is outside them, often far away – something they’re aiming towards rather than something they’re already living and being; and it’s just not compelling enough
  2. The benefits come at the end, not on the way, so there’s nothing to enjoy en-route
  3. And sometimes, they simply haven’t thought through the steps they need to take, and obstacles they might need to overcome

And yet some people seem to naturally achieve their goals without the slog. With a tendency towards impatience, I’m for taking the easiest, fastest route possible; so how they do it? After all, if there’s already something out there which is working, we’d be daft not to try it for ourselves.

What many of them share is a really good imagination, which gives them access the parts of their thinking outside the normal awareness (the parts which really determine your experience of the world), so they’re using the whole of their brain power not just willpower.

So try this out

Close your eyes, and take a few moments to breathe slowly and deeply, and relax. Now, imagine the you that you want to be standing in front of you – the you who’s achieved what you want. How does that you look? How are they standing or moving, how do they sound, what’s the expression on their face?

Imagine walking all the way round that you, fine tuning all the details until it’s exactly as you want it to be – maybe they’re not looking quite radiant (or smug) enough – remember, this you has achieved exactly what you set out to do. Make any adjustments you need, then when you have it perfect, step into that you. How does it feel to be standing that way, moving that way, wearing that expression on your face? How does it feel to know what you’ve achieved? Really immerse in all those good feelings.

Now turn and look back towards the you of the present time. From this position of already having had achieved your goal, look back on the steps you took. We often say that hind sight’s invaluable, so why wait? Look at the milestones you passed on the way, and how you celebrated. What will make that journey to this new you even easier?

And when you have a good sense of all it means to have achieved your goal, and how to do it, step back into the you of the present, bringing with you all the experience and good feeling. Things are always easier to do the second time: Ask any performer, and nerves are always highest on opening night, it settles once they’ve done it once.

This little bit of imagination sets your mental sat-nav – giving the parts of your thinking outside your awareness clear instructions about what you want; and it tunes your noticing to what’s already working, shrinking the change and keeping you moving.

If you’d like me to talk you through this technique, click here to get my 5 minute mind makeover, and your copy of ‘Get-It Goals: Your Personal Guide’. Use it to make 2014 your most smoothly successful year yet.