Be active…

in getting your clients. Don’t sit around the office waiting for clients to come to you, get out there and find them. Take a walk and introduce yourself to your business neighbours, skip between networking events and make people aware of who you and your business are.

We are very active when it comes to potential, new and existing clients. Firstly we network to meet potential clients and get our name and faces out there at the same time. Secondly we travel to see our clients for meetings or to see how their business is developing.

Now although most of this travel is done via transport and still, therefore, involving sitting around, but in a different environment, we still walk to and from train stations and can, on occasion, be seen walking the streets of Liverpool with roller banner and laptop in hand.

The point is that we don’t just wait for the phone to ring or rely on referrals and word of mouth; we get out there and actively seek out our clients.

Remember, being active makes you feel good as it releases ‘happy’ hormones, positively affecting the wellbeing of your business. So at least when you leave the office to seek out potential clients you’ll have a smile on your face!