Kick-start your marketingMarketing is the first thing to be put to one side and left there until it needs our attention. The only reason why most give marketing their attention is because they want more customers which in turn creates profit and they want it now!

People think they will do more of it when the have more time or has someone to help them and one of the most popular questions I’m asked time and time again is “What marketing do you think I should do to get more clients?“. This question does not have the same answer for everyone which is the tricky thing about marketing.

If marketing were easy we would all be doing it all of the time…

So I have created a list of 11 ways to kick you off to a great start AND they are in the order I recommend you do them! I call them “ways” because you could pick one OR all of them to help you move forward with your marketing HOWEVER I would recommend you do them all AND in the order they are given below instigate a better result!

Take a knee

Review your current situation (there is a lot more to this and I shall be writing a blog post specifically about this topic);

  • What’s working, what’s not working (this is also what you should STOP doing), what should you be doing more of?
  • How many clients do you have in total, per project / on retainer, when does it finish, who need to renew, what products/services do they have, what else could they have (Ask Amanda about her Client Matrix)?
  • Who do you want to get rid of?
  • Who can you get more work from?
  • Who can/has recommended you and become a referrer?

Contact your clients

…and engage with them. Sometimes we leave our clients alone for a little too long, subconsciously thinking “they know where I am if they need me” but then you get a bit of a shock when you find out they have already left without telling you!

68% of customers leave because they don’t think you care about them!

Call two people today and find out how their holiday, family or business is and start caring, ask if they would like to meet for coffee and to see if they need anything from you for the next 3 months.

Follow up

People need to see your message between 7 – 15 times BEFORE they are ready to buy and I bet you have stopped getting in touch because they either haven’t come back to you, you are a little nervous about pestering them or you don’t want to be too salesy.

Get in touch with the people you met in the last quarter and go through that stack of business cards or the connections you have recently made and find out if they want to meet up for that coffee.

Worst case scenario is that they say “No thanks”. Rinse repeat until someone says “Yes please!”

Get Clarity

We all get a little bogged down with stuff we don’t need from papers on our desk, magazines on the coffee table and emails in our inbox. Clutter, whether it is physical or mental blocks us from getting us to where we want to be.

So get rid of stuff you don’t need, that fills your inbox with rubbish, files on your computer and start a fresh. It’s like getting into that newly changed bed!

Review your Numbers

How often do you look at your numbers? And do you know what you want or need in order to run your business profitably and effectively? How many clients do you want by the end of the week/month?

For example; How much turnover do you want i.e. 10k per month divided by products/service = Amount of clients you need per month. To earn 10k per month with your products being £500 each you will need 20 clients.

What are your Business Goals?

Do you have KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that tell you that you are on track? If not, create some per quarter. For example; by the end of the Q1 you want to have a new product or service complete and out like a digital course, podcast, webinar, etc…

Measure your marketing starting NOW

Email me for a copy of the Koogar Marketing Stats Spreadsheet (KMSS for short!). This will enable to you see what’s happening with your marketing. You have space in this spreadsheet to add the amount of leads you are getting per week, meetings you are having and telephone calls plus track your social media and website.

Obviously depending on what social media you are doing depend on what you track.I have put some of the basics in here but have left room for you to add your own statistics. Some cells you won’t be able to change as I would like you to see the basics taking shape but you can only do that by filling this in once a week!

Start planning your marketing if you haven’t already done so

Choose a few way points that relate to your business goals and focus on a few things and get stuff done, don’t go off half-cocked!

If you can start planning the next 2 months blogs or your email marketing campaigns by giving each a title and writing the content ready for the dates you set you are heading in the right direction.

Plan your week on Sundays

Take Sunday AM or PM (whichever suits you) for 90minutes and work out what is going to be complete by the end of the week, including personal things, like reading or going to the gym.As business owners, we don’t ever stop and some of us enjoy working a little during the weekends as the phone isn’t ringing and you’re not distracted by other things.

Planning on a Sunday either during or after my afternoon walk sets me up for the week and by the time I sit down for dinner on Sunday evening my week is planned and I know what I’m doing so I can enjoy the rest of the evening without my head running all over the place or sitting at my desk on Monday wondering what to do.

Use your time wisely!

If you run your own business you can do whatever you want whenever you want but we also need to ensure we are hustling and using our business as a resource! SO concentrate on HPA’s.

HPA stands for High Payoff Activities; they are the jobs that are going to get your results! And there maybe only 3-4 on your list. We tend to make lists that go on forever and put things on that we have already done just so we can tick them off! Am I right?

Every single person on this planet has the same amount of time we just use it differently. So use it on things that matter and the things that can wait can either be done by someone else or completed when you have finished your HPA’s!

Finally… Take Action

Make your next step HOWEVER I can appreciate sometimes it can all get a bit too much and we are unsure of where to start.

So go back to number 6 and review your business goals. What is the next logical step for you to take in order to achieve that particular goal? And do that!

These 11 ways help me no end to kick-start our own marketing and our clients’ marketing. You can do this at any stage during the year.

I’d love to hear how you get on with this list. If you have any ways you kick-start your marketing that I haven’t mentioned, please feel free to comment below!