Lawrence ChadwickAfter 6 month Internship, Koogar offered Lawrence a poisition in the Team!

After a really exciting and insightful period of work experience, within which I feel I have learnt lots, developed my skills and complimented my learning… yesterday was my first day as an employee at Koogar.

I feel this industry experience has made my masters much more valuable, as it is has made me recognise the important differences between theory and practise. It has also given me great insight into how an integrated marketing agency operates, and the role different members have to play within the business.

I will be continuing in my role as a marketing assistant, and thus I will still be supporting Amanda and the Koogar Team in a range of different tasks, both in relation to marketing for clients, and marketing the company brand. This will include further developing my blogging, social media and video skills, which are essential for all marketers.

I will also be aiding Amanda in the launch of a number of newly developed concepts and ideas for the business, including online courses. I have been heavily involved in the development of these courses, and am excited for them to be released in the next few weeks. They will be really helpful both for business owners and marketing managers, as they outline step-by-step processes which can be followed to effectively answer some of the most frequently asked questions in marketing. But, they don’t just answer them, they educate the reader on how these processes function and integrate together, while also supplying them with the tools to effectively tackle the problem they are facing.

Overall I feel there are a number of exciting projects currently underway and on the horizon, and I am really excited to have started, and to be one of the Team!

Amanda says…

“Please welcome Lawrence to the Koogar Team… He has a friendly manner, fun to work with and also KNOWS his stuff! Lawrence is an amazing addition to our Team and we are very much looking forward to showing you the new projects Lawrence has mentioned as and when they complete. They WILL take you to the next level in marketing. Keep your eyes open!”