There are changes a foot in the Koogar Camp…

There are changes a foot in the Koogar Camp…

Changes in the Koogar CampI just wanted to let you know that Koogar are changing up some the services we offer.

We want to deliver what we do in the most update way and this means change.

Change is always a good thing but does bring turbulence. What I mean by turbulence is finishing off certain types of projects to bring in our new way of working.

In my last Mastermind Session with my Business Coach Jay Allen (MyTrueNORTHUK), I discovered a new way of working called “Kaizen”, which helps you incrementally improve every aspect of your business and by changing the small things over time help you change the bigger things.

kaizen (改善), is the Japanese word for “improvement”. In business, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. It also applies to processes, such as purchasing and logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain. It has been applied in healthcare, psychotherapy, life-coaching, government, banking, and other industries.

Improving 1% of what you do everyday makes a massive change.

So, what are the changes?

Virtual Marketing Consultant

We now have the option for you to work with Amanda virtually!

This starts in January 2018 and is called The Koogar Academy. These are live monthly marketing masterclasses where I will personally be covering 12 different subjects over the year. This enables you to focus on one thing that month and nail it!

If you book your seat BEFORE 22nd December, you will have the full year for £150 which works out to be £12.50 per session.

If you are not able to make the dates, we will record them for you and keep them for you to watch at a later date in our Members Area. You also have access to a Secret Facebook Group to help you stay accountable to me and the rest of your team members.

You can find out more information about MMM here –

Integrated Marketing Society – FREE Facebook Group

This is our BRAND-NEW Facebook Group for all dedicated Business Owners and Marketing Managers who want to master marketing. This group is here for us to openly talk about what kind of marketing we are doing, what has worked for us, what hasn’t and why, tips, tricks, quick wins access to a community who have the same mindset and gumption that you do.

You can find it over here –

What does Koogar stand for?

I want to be known for doing things RIGHT, not to cut corners, cheat the system or get “bums on seats”. I want quality over quantity every time and I’m MORE than happy to turn work away that doesn’t fit my values and beliefs.

This year is the first year of my personal change and I’ve been through a hell of a lot, survived and have come out fighting on the others side thanks to Jay Allen, Ryan Pinnick and others. Which means I’m ready to do business MY way and not follow the masses. I’m happy to listen to my intuition and go with my gut.

If this fits with you then why not join me on my conquest?

My company is here to integrate your marketing to influence you customer – Let them decide that you are THE person for them, to go beyond Know, Like and Trust and create FANS that will stay with you forever!

This by the way doesn’t mean we are stopping everything else you know us for… it just means we are adjusting to our true north!

What is to come in 2018?

Business wise; more consultancy, more speaking and more virtual work

Personally; More travel, conscious health and well being decisions and more personal development

I’ll be sharing more about our changes as and when they happen, but you’ll be the first to know!

How to STOP the Scatter Gun approach to Marketing

How to STOP the Scatter Gun approach to Marketing

how to stop the scatter gun appraoch to marketingNearly all people I encounter talk to me about their scatter gun approach or the scatter brain they have when it comes to marketing. Some of the words people use are;

 – Scatter gun approach

 – Scatter brain

 – Can’t focus or not focused

 – Splurge; when they have time

 – Dip in and out

 – Have a go

So why is it that so many people struggle to focus when it comes to marketing?

In my opinion, I think I have found the reason…


Because humans are creatures of habit its easier for us to just carry on with what we do every day then to do something different every day.

We become stuck in the rut of checking emails, replying to emails, answering phones when they ring, getting social media notifications, replying to them and then what I would call “sucked into media”. That could be your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, TV… which are essentially distractions and these distractions are keeping you within your comfort zone.

“Magic and miracles are ONLY created outside of your comfort zone!”

What is a Habit?

A habit is… a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Making a start in the first place is what we should do. Not making a start generally comes down to fear. Fear of the unknown. For example; unsure about how or what to do, fear of what other people think of you, your blog, your video, etc. Fear of getting it wrong and nothing happens with your marketing (what’s the point).

It is this fear that debilitates us and stops us from moving forward.

If we delve a little deeper, the real reason why your marketing isn’t being done is because it is not yet a habit of yours.

We all learn something new every day; mentally and physically.

Remember when you were learning how to drive, swim or ride a bike? We all thought we couldn’t do it at the time, but with a bit of determination and confidence from our peers or parents we kept doing it until it became a habit. Now we don’t even think about doing it anymore, it is just done.

Habits are funny things. They start with taking a new action, like buying a chocolate bar on the way to work, having that coffee at break time, going a new way home and by doing it repeatedly it becomes a habit.

So, the scatter gun approach, how does that fit in?

This simply comes down to planning and having clarity.

A daily exercise of something as simple as emptying your head of ALL your thoughts; business, personal and anything else that is in there!

A simple trick I have got into the habit of every day, especially if I get overwhelmed to the point of stagnation, is to literally stop what I’m doing!

Grab a pen and paper and write ABSOLUTELY everything that I am thinking about into three different columns.

  1. Personal – Get the car serviced, change light bulb, etc.
  2. Business – Update email marketing lists, follow up with X, Y and Z, etc.
  3. Other Stuff – This are things that need to be delegated or things that are not in your control, i.e. things you are worrying about

This is just to get everything out of my head, so I can clear it.

Sometimes our heads can become so crammed full of information, to do’s, reminders and more. We just need to take the time and stop what we are doing so that we can get clarity of the next step or the way forward.

We all know that saying… “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!”

Here are 5 ways to get rid of the scatter gun approach:


  1. Don’t try to do everything at once

    Become great at one thing (like Facebook or Blogging, your choice) and then look at bringing in your next marketing activity. Choose a marketing activity. Something you are happy to do, feel confident in doing and can become GREAT at.

    A problem that people face is that they believe they should be doing EVERYTHING.

    Doing everything won’t get you anywhere quickly, just into a mess.

  2. Break the elephant down

    Gain clarity and specificity on what you want to achieve.

    Write down everything in your head and then split things up into Business and Personal.

    Keep these lists somewhere safe, maybe in one book so you can keep looking at them. By keeping them all in one place, you may start seeing a pattern of the things you keep thinking about may not be completed.

    This is about noticing what you notice.

  3. Talk to someone or have an accountability buddy

    This is a great exercise to do. Ensure they will listen and offer an opinion AFTER giving them context. If you work alone, are new in the marketing role and/or haven’t got much experience, speaking to someone else about your ideas and thoughts can spark other ideas. This can lead you down a different path as you may not have thought of those things before.

    Talking through your marketing goals with someone else on a regular basis will help you to not only take more action but also become more creative!

    This is something we help a lot of our clients with weekly and monthly. Why not book a complimentary 30-minute call with me to see how can help you step away from the scatter gun approach to marketing.

  4. Plan your next steps

    This doesn’t mean a 12-month plan. To start with just plan a few marketing activities over the next week and move into a 90-day plan when have more time. Let’s say that you decide to get REALLY good at blogging. Look at nothing else but emails on blogging, webinars, podcast and learn as much as you can about blogging, until you have formed a habit.

    I’ve realised that for me to write useful content, I must be out of my office and change my environment, which could either a coffee shop or a different meeting room for me to step away from all the distractions I have mentioned before.

    This enables me to know where I am and what I need to do over a certain period as I will set deadlines. Also, afternoons for me are the best time for me to write.

    Work out which activity you are going to do and nail it like it’s your own!

  5. Stick to it, even when its hard!

    Keep going week by week and you will start to see some results. Even if these results are not yet the ones you had hoped for, you need to have something to go by to be able to make any changes and tweaks for next time.

If marketing where easy and there was a blue print that worked for everyone in every sector, then we wouldn’t have this scatter gun approach. We would just follow the steps.

Marketing is easy when we make it easy for ourselves.

For some reason, we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve far too many things in such a small amount of time, that may not be within our remit.

Get in touch and book a FREE 30 minute complimentary call to help us to find out about your business, your goals and target market. We will then use this information to help you move forward with your marketing strategy.


How to convince potential clients to work with you

How to convince potential clients to work with you

Convince Clients

The simple answer is you don’t.

The problem is people have set ways of doing things AND their own thoughts about things… their own perspective on things…

Do you ever meet people who say they know what you do, but don’t really?

They have an understanding of the concept of what you do, but this is based on their own experiences with that thing, whatever it may be.

Let’s take marketing for an example. People “know” what marketing is and they’ve all had experiences of doing it themselves, with other people and having others do it for them which may not have good connotations to them.

The problem why people don’t know what you do, is because they don’t understand HOW you do it. They have their own preconceptions of what you do but not a deeper understanding. Which means there is only one solution…

You have to help the clients you encounter, UN-learn what they already know about what you do…

And to help people un-learn, you MUST educate them. Educate your clients (current and potential) WHY you and your company are the right people for the job… Educate them about you, your company and how you do things. People buy from people!

You can NEVER convince someone to work with you because convincing them means you need to do everything within your power to make sure they “get it”.

Meaning of the word Convince


verb: convince; 3rd person present: convinces; past tense: convinced; past participle: convinced; gerund or present participle: convincing

cause (someone) to believe firmly in the truth of something

persuade (someone) to do something

This convincing could/can be seen as manipulation and begging to a point.

Koogar prefer to influence!

Before we talk about influence though, what is the message(s) you are putting out there and does it match what your client is looking for?

Again, let’s take marketing as an example; When you rock up to a networking event and you tell them you are in marketing, a web designer, solicitor, an accountant, business coach, whatever… Giving the general term for what you do will get you one or two of these reactions;

  1. Eyes roll; “another one of them” gesture – they don’t say it to you but they are thinking it and you are thinking to yourself you should have said something else…
  2. The person you are talking to says “Oh, I do the same as you” and it’s VERY clear they do not! – Being the same isn’t a good thing, in fact it’s really bad!
  3. Really, tell me more about how you do that?

Ideally you want the third reaction which enables you to start telling your story of HOW you help people.

The way in which you deliver the message about what you do is the essence of the influence.

Meaning of the word Influence:


noun: influence; plural noun: influences

  1. the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

And this means to enable the person to make their own mind up about you and what you do.

At Koogar, if we have to convince someone to work with us then we know that if they do they will always be unsure, second guess us and never truly believe.

Sometimes you should walk away from business too. Not everyone will “believe you” because of the experiences they have had in the past and this is OK.

Having to convince people to work with you WILL sour the relationship and they will always think “[insert what you do and/or who you are] never worked” when clearly if done properly, consistently and coherently it does!

Become an influencer!


Are you hanging round with the RIGHT people?

Are you hanging round with the RIGHT people?

Hanging round with the right peopleI’m in my 2nd month of being part of a new mastermind group. This is a group of people who meet once every 6 weeks for a day and a half. We bring our business problems to the table to get insight, knowledge and expertise from our peers and business coach to enable us to make a decision there and then so we can move on to build a business we want. Walking away with actions and more clarity on what we are in the process of building.

Mastermind meaning – The concept of the “master mind alliance” was introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book from the 1920s, The Law of Success, and expanded upon in his 1930s book, Think And Grow Rich.

Mastermind is more about the personal growth than the financial growth for me. It’s about me going to the next level in business, making decisions (difficult or not), taking more risk and really understanding what I want from my business to allow me to do more with my life.

The reason why I ask are you hanging round with the right people is because if you are not, what are the opportunities and/or decisions that is not being made or taken because of that fact?

We all have that friend or associate (past or current) who is someone who has an answer for EVERYTHING followed by a “but”. They feel they may be helping with what they are saying although in actual fact they are either stealing your dream by not believing in you, constantly questioning you or just don’t understand where you are coming from. The reason for this is because they are not in the same head space as you.

That friend or associate could be a sibling, client, parent, friend or business acquaintance. Every time they call, you go out for a coffee or see the green light pop up on Facebook, you notice your physiology changing. Your heart goes a little faster or you just think…. “errgghh”. You start wondering what they want and how much time they are going to “sap” from you this time. And I say sap because that is EXACTLY what they are doing. They are either going to sap your time or your energy and maybe even both by complaining to you about their life or business. You know who I mean don’t you…

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a rant or a person to talk to every now and again. I’m not talking about those people though. I’m talking about the ones that JUST moan and constantly say “yes, but…” or “it’s alright for you…”.

Hanging round with people who are on the same wave length as you builds you up, gets you excited and inspires you to take action and move forward. So what’s not to love?

I recently spent some time with a client who was a little down due to a number of things happening personally and business wise.

One of the questions I posed to her is “Are you the cleverest person in the room? Because if you are… you shouldn’t be in that room anymore.”

This is where I am with my Mastermind group… I am not the cleverest or smartest person in the room any more, which may sound arrogant but its true. I want to learn from people who have been there and done it, who have been through my particular struggle and come through it the other side. People who have so much passion, by just spending 10 minutes with them you are fired up and ready to take focused action and eager to do something.

I’ve personally been going through some tough stuff from the beginning if the year which I’m now seeing as a test of survival. NOW is my time to step up and move to the next level myself. Find out who I am and what I am made of.

I’m not here to be a “yes” women, although I do know plenty of those.

By me being my best for me, it will then spread onto the people I work with and for which in tern enables them to be the best at what they do.

Going back to the question are you the cleverest person in the room… I have two questions:

Which room do you need to leave?

Which room should you move onto?

I just want to assure you that the room you are leaving has got you to where you are and has helped you no end in getting clients, more confidence, introductions or whatever else. However! It’s not going to be the same room or the people in it that will move you to the next level.

The new room you choose should scare you and excite you at the same time (which is actually the same feeling just a different word). The new room is going to challenge you and make you think long and hard about HOW you want things to be in the future which I personally find NOT ONLY exciting, I now look forward to being taken to a place I’ve never thought I would be…

They say that magic and miracles happen outside your comfort zone and that you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around with the most.

The action I would like you to take…

… is to take a look in the next room where ever that may be… Go and see what it is about. It could be a new networking event, CDP Training like The Koogar Academy, club or organisation like a Chamber of Commerce or a new level with your coach or Mastermind group.

Just test the water because you never know where it could take you!

What I learnt whilst wearing welly’s #Glastonbury2016

What I learnt whilst wearing welly’s #Glastonbury2016

#Glastonbury2016Imagine being invited to the world’s largest festival to perform on the Theatre and Circus fields with Liverpool School of Cantonese Kung Fu. Well I was… I’ve know the owner of LSoCKFu (James Roach) for the last 20 years and have performed in these fields twice before with him and others. However, that was over 8 years ago. This year I was invited again to be part of the crew.

We left the Monday morning before the start of the festival so we could have some time to ourselves before the public came in to rest and chill out. We camped in the performer’s area next to the 9 foot fence, watching other performer’s arrive during different times of the day over the next few days. Putting their tents up and practising their routines,  juggling, singing, playing kazoo’s, being clowns, orchestrating massive puppets (from giraffes to seagulls) and becoming robots to name but a few sights that were seen.

A number of us caught up over camp fires and walks though the fields, up to the big sign and over to see the dragon. Watch stand holders set up, stages and displays being built and public dribbling in from the car parks carrying pot noodles and cider in wheel barrows and prams for the week ahead. The mud at this point was at its lowest but that was soon to change.

If you have never been I would highly recommend going! It is something out of this world…

Glastonbury, once up and running is a small town with 180 thousand people with welly’s, cagoules, face paints, beer and all they’re looking for is a good time.

This was my 5th adventure in Glastonbury (3rd time as a Performer) and there were a number of things I noticed during my week there.



The mini bus arrived on Monday afternoon and our tents had already been put up by a couple of people who headed off 4 hours before we did. But when we got there, there were already so many people building, camping and setting up home for the week.

Traffic cones lining the small roads, police and volunteers guiding people to the right gates and it was 4 days BEFORE the public were due to arrive. To get this festival together a monumental amount of communication needs to happen between thousands of people ensuring everyone has the same agenda, in the places they need to be, doing the jobs they were hired to do.

Which made me think, what communication levels do you have in your business? Does EVERYONE know what is happening, what they need to be doing, when they need to have it done by and who to speak to if things don’t go according to plan?

Comfort zone

Miracles and magic happen outside your comfort zone! By Sunday I had completely and utterly had enough of the mud. It was warm but you needed rubber shoes to keep you from getting covered in thick mud, which meant your feet and ankles started sweating. It was hard walking in the mud to various different fields and areas. It was like walking with weights around your ankles. It wasn’t comfortable in the slightest so imaging carrying a Chinese dragon and lions in it and doing 3 shows a day.

What opportunities are you missing because you are not in your comfort zone, or Are you a perfectionist and waiting till everything is puurrrfect? Richard Brandon says – Say yes and work out how later!


To be fair it would be very difficult NOT to have fun in Glastonbury because of the amount of weird and wonderful things you get to see, hear, touch and taste that you wouldn’t usually experience anywhere else.

Most people in Glastonbury were having amazing conversations, seeing and listening to things they’d not seen or heard before, laughing,  joking, smiling and looking forward to what they were going to see next.

Are you having fun in your business because if you are not, it’s probably not the place for you! How could you have more fun or what are you doing that you could give someone else you are having fun and enjoying what you do. People buy from people who are passionate and excited about their business NOT from people who are board or grumpy with what they do.

Try something *NEW

You couldn’t help BUT try something new whether it be food, drink, listening to a band or a comedian, walking to the healing fields and getting a massage, watching a band you wouldn’t normally go to see.

Trying something new with your marketing, your clients, the way you do something could actually change the way you do business… What have you ALWAYS wanted to do?

Exit Strategy

The key to leaving Glastonbury was to get up and out EARLY! And your early is never earlier than someone else’s early. I went down with the minibus but was going back in a car. Pete and I left Monday morning at 7am to walk back to the car which took 52 minutes. After trudging through mud, up and down hills, through cattle grids and gates. Maybe travelling an additional mile because some parts were blocked off.

We got the car, in a muddy field with hundreds of cars and wellingtons left in the muddy grass. People were not taking the welly’s home, they were just leaving them were they stood to get into the car. Wellington boots scattered everywhere and left to probably be picked up by the volunteers to be washed and resold for next year’s adventures.

What is it that you ultimately want out of your business? It may not be something for right now but we all need a plan, a goal something to strive for… What is your exit plan? Have you got one? If not, do you need to think about working on something?

On the first night one of the rules set around the camp fire was “what happens in Glastonbury stays in Glastonbury!”

The week was amazing. I met new people from the Kung Fu School and made some new friends. Old faces were just fabulous to catch up with, as if we had never been apart and most importantly we did have fun.

9 Reasons WHY you are NOT Taking Action

9 Reasons WHY you are NOT Taking Action

What action are you taking?You (and I) are not taking ENOUGH action and this is for a number of reasons! Here are 9 that I have heard from Business Owners recently –

REASON – There are so many people out there that are pushing themselves harder than I am

ANSWER – Pushing doesn’t make them better or more successful just pushier

REASON – Others are taking action even when things are not perfect

ANSWER – Perfection IS overrated. Done is better than perfect!

REASON – I’m a perfectionist

ANSWER – We all are, well most of us, some of us, one or two of us, ok only me then?! As above.

REASON – I’m not sure I’m as good as them

ANSWER – STOP comparing yourself to anyone else! Be the very best YOU can be in other words… Will it make the boat go faster?

REASON – Overwhelmed by the amount of information I’m receiving and what I SHOULD be doing

ANSWER – Do ONE thing at a time and do it WELL!

REASON – Wondering if people actually want to hear from me? i.e. Email Marketing

ANSWER – Until your unsubscribe rate is into double figures – assume they do!

REASON – Am I targeting the right client as no one is buying from me?

ANSWER – What are they currently buying? Are you selling what they are buying? Review products and services ALL the time!

REASON – What is it that I’m actually good at?

ANSWER – When are you in your flow what are you doing or what is your Genius?

REASON – How do I help people?

ANSWER – That’s a long new list and it’s probably not how you think you help them

These are some of the things going through Business Owners heads’ on a daily basis and they are VERY unhelpful comments about yourself, your life, your situation at home, who you are, where you want to be, what you want to do. Things are starting to seem a little alien to you and you are not moving forward. Instead you are getting more and more overwhelmed into a state of in-action!

You just want to be able to help people by answering their questions, making them feel more confident with what they are doing. You’d like to be happy every day with who you are and what you stand for but at the moment you are just annoyed with yourself.

Taking one step and even doing one job in the business is taking you SO LONG to do. Feeling like you are getting nowhere and that no one wants you or what you do. Wanting to hibernate forever and not do anything…

Another thought that pops up every now and again is…

Running a business is difficult and I’m not sure I one of those. It is more like a job with no boss and no direction…

THOUGHT – Being an entrepreneur is difficult and I’m not sure I am one. I feel like a fraud!

ANSWER – Great NEWS. Neither does anybody else!!!!!

Just know the current situation isn’t forever, your feelings are not forever and things will improve but you may not YET be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could be to do with the lack of self confidence… So the question is…

What can you do to get out of this rut and this life you currently have? ONLY YOU HAVE THE ANSWER!


What are YOU afraid of?

FEAR – I’m afraid of change but know things are going to change… things have to change

CHOICE – Learning to embrace change is difficult but necessary within us all. It’s a changing world, dinosaurs became extinct because the world changed and they didn’t change with it

FEAR – I’m afraid of getting things wrong

CHOICE – Edison taught us it was never wrong, just a prototype for getting it right

FEAR – I’m afraid of success probably because I don’t know what it looks like and assume that thing will encompass me and take over my life. Maybe that I will end up being a bad person that everyone hates

CHOICE – Back to being liked. This is nothing to do with success. Success could be being liked!!! Success is what YOU chose it to be

FEAR – I’m afraid of putting myself out there and what people will say

CHOICE – Anything people say is positive, for even negative comments are learning improvement points! Embrace change!

The probelm we all have is our own mindset!


How can YOU change this situation?

  1. have a plan – What is it you want from life or this business?
  2. take a step TOWARDS your plan EVERY day
  3. have a routine
  4. look after yourself – Eat properly, exercise, have YOU time
  5. think positively and change your mood – Listen to music or a podcast, watch your favourite film or go for a walk
  6. have the right friends and peers around you – You are the sum of the 5 people you hang around with the most!
  7. express yourself and your opinion to be YOU!

Believe me this stuff goes through EVERYONES head at some point of running a business and every now and again it comes back but to change the situation you MUST change what you are doing…

If you’ve always do what you’ve always done,
you will ALWAYS get what you’ve always got!

Believe in yourself!

What do you do to help you change the situation, the feeling and thoughts that run through your head? Feel free to leave a comment…