Survival Kit

The tools you need to survive in the marketing world!


A – Z of Marketing Terms and Jargon


Here you will find an A-Z list of all the marketing terms and jargon you will ever encounter in the marketing world. This is essential to being literate in the marketing industry and therefore key for credibility.

Reading this list of marketing terms is therefore a quick and easy way of ensuring your marketing understanding is still relevant, up-to-date and effective!

Koogar’s Recommended Reading List


Here is our Koogar recommended reading list. This is made up of the reading we feel is essential to developing a detailed, focused and deeper understanding of marketing and business which is key for all business owners and marketing managers.

Developing a proper understanding of marketing, specifically integrated marketing facilitates the creation of a fully integrated marketing strategy.

29 Marketing Tips


One of the best things about marketing is that it is always changing, and therefore is it centrally important for all businesses to continue learning about marketing.

While this can often seem very time consuming, our top marketing tips break it down into a number of really important nuggets of marketing expertise, that are easily digestible and implementable.

Create a Beautiful on and offline Experience eBook 


Become John Malcovich – Seeing your business through your customer’s eyes is the most important thing you could do. Why? Because you will start to understand what they think, where they would be and how to communicate to them in the most appropriate way.

Although digital elements are important, they are still just one part of the marketing mix. A company who seeks to develop and grow its brand to new heights needs a wholesome marketing approach.

Traditional marketing has not left the building!

Daily Greatness Business Planner


Arguably the most comprehensive and stunning business planner on the market, the latest planner in the Dailygreatness series is a must-have for your business in 2017 and beyond.

Encompassing everything you need to succeed in your business over the coming year, this planner is designed to upgrade your thinking while helping you hit your yearly business goals.

Valuable content that makes you think differently…