Amanda’s VIP Experience is not for the faint hearted.

They are intense and full, but worth immersing yourself in.

QUESTION FOR YOU: Are you seeking guidance and empowerment that will unlock your true potential in the world?


Welcome to Align + Surge

An exclusive VIP Experience offering a deep dive into aligning your purpose with your business + marketing, so you can do the things you’ve wanted to do, articulate yourself in a way that is clear and get the clarity of combining your multi-passion business into something that attracts your people to you!

You know you’re…

  • very good at what you do
  • have a new idea that you want to bring to market, but unsure how
  • want to deliver an exceptional service to your clients, without cutting corners
  • and are looking to up your game, so you get noticed

You know something needs to change and are unsure how to go about it. You may or may not be pleased with the progress you have made to date, and now, you’re ready to Surge forward to get to your next level of business, finance and self-acceptance.

This VIP Experience is ONLY for those who are looking to move forward quickly to build stronger foundations within yourself and your business by evolving what you have built already. You are ready to address your business and marketing challenges head-on.


Align and Surge - VIP Experience With Amanda from Koogar


Before we Align + Surge…

Before we start, we must appraise the current situation of the business, to ensure we surge forward in the right direction. Allowing us to reset the foundations of your business, making it stronger. During the day, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into your unique business and marketing obstacles. Amanda will provide you with a safe and nurturing space to explore your desires and ambitions, offering guidance and strategies tailored specifically to your spiritual journey.

The appraisal phase will start with our “Deepening” session, moving into the clarity session where you’ll gain crystal clear clarity on who you are, what you do, who you do it for and how to get in front of the right people more. Finishing with a planning session and the creation of your actions and next steps.

We will fill in the gaps and discover where business has been left on the table, define goals (personal and business), lay down strategy, understand and find your perfect client(s), create an outstanding and powerful message, so that your audience don’t pass you by and finally creating a plan to execute.

Having a VIP Experience gives you a full and uninterrupted day focusing on you and your business, offering time and head space to give your business the attention it deserves.

Together we’ll work on your business, set boundaries and create effective actions that will propel you forward faster, than working by yourself.

You cannot overcome any problem using the same level of thinking, then that which created it – Einstein (1924)

Who is Align + Surge for?

This is great for those who…

  • are looking for an uninterrupted day, spent solely on the marketing and visibility of you and your business
  • want to become highly focused on getting the right results
  • you want to get things moving but are unsure where to start
  • need to get your specific marketing and business questions answered
  • are ready to reach their next level of business growth quickly
  • want a one off session to kick-start you


What to expect from Your VIP Experience?

Personalised Guidance: Amanda will work with you one-on-one to understand your unique business and marketing challenges. Through insightful conversations, she’ll uncover the core issues holding you back.

Clarity and Strategy: You’ll gain a newfound clarity on your goals and a customized strategy that aligns with your spiritual journey and values. Amanda will provide you with actionable steps to take your business to the next level.

Mindset Transformation: Amanda will guide you in breaking free from limiting beliefs and embracing your true self in business. This transformational experience will empower you to reclaim your space with confidence.

Empowerment and Permission: Throughout your VIP Day, Amanda will empower you to be unapologetically yourself in your business. You’ll receive the permission you need to shine your unique light and make a meaningful impact.

Continued Support: Your VIP Experience is just the beginning of your journey. Amanda will provide support and resources to help you stay aligned with your nature in your business endeavours.


Examples of how others have utilised Align + Surge

Many struggle to articulate what they do to the people they want to work with. They booked a VIP Day to have Amanda’s expert guidance in refining their business idea and effectively communicating it to the world. Here are a few examples of why people have booked a VIP Expereince;

Audience Exploration: Some clients have been uncertain about who their target audience truly was. Amanda helped them delve deep into audience research, identifying the key demographics and psychographics and the other 3 levels of their ideal customers.

Website Revamp and Restructure: A common challenge is the need for a website overhaul. Amanda provided clients with a comprehensive website review, customer journey and restructuring plan to ensure their online presence effectively represented their brand and message. Amanda started her career in Graphic Design and then went on to work with some of the largest comapnies in the UK, building websites like; Liverpool Football Club, HBSC and more.

Content Strategy Enhancement: Content marketing and creating content can be difficult to work out. Amanda worked with clients to develop a content strategy that resonated with their audience, ensuring that every piece of content aligned with their unique nature.

Product or Service Refinement: Some sought Amanda’s guidance to refine their products or services, aligning them with their authentic selves, reviewing pricing, pacakges and programmes. This involved exploring ways to make their offerings more meaningful and valuable to their audience.

Social Media Presence: Amanda worked with clients to improve their social media presence, helping them create content that showcased their authentic selves while engaging and growing their online communities.

Brand Identity Reinvention: For those who felt disconnected from their brand identity, Amanda helped them reinvent their brand to reflect their true nature and values, ensuring it resonated deeply with their target audience.


You may have a mixture of these things or something different, all is welcomed.

These are just a few examples of the diverse challenges that spiritual entrepreneurs have brought to Amanda during their VIP Day experiences. No matter the specific issue, Amanda’s guidance and expertise are tailored to each client’s unique journey and needs.


How do you know when you are ready?

You will know when you are ready because…

  • although you have regular customers, you want more
  • you have work and clients coming in, but not the work you really love to do
  • your industry is growing and you want to stand out in the noise
  • you want to be seen as the leader and expert in your field
  • you’ve become fed up with trying to do it all by yourself and are looking for guidance and support
  • know you need help to get to your next level and are now happy to ask for it
  • the biggest one of all – you have LOTS of amazing and different ideas but they arent getting off the ground

If you have answered yes to at least 4 of these points above… Let’s get your date booked in!

Surge - VIP Experience


…align and surge, explore and experience

Amanda’s style is relaxed and informal, but she cuts through with laser precision to the heart of what you maybe lacking to drive your business forward.


Donna O'Keefe

Cheshire Granite Worktops (UK)

Prior to working with Koogar, we felt we had a good idea of our target market and the marketing activities required to attract them. HOW WRONG WERE WE! Within the FIRST session with Amanda ‘Take a Knee’ she appraised all we had been doing to date, and quickly identified not just thousands but TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds of missed/overlooked opportunity! The Session paid for itself almost a hundred times over!

Jay Allen


I loved my VIP day with Amanda, we focused on restructuring my website and building into a customer joruney. It was great revisiting my purpose and how this impacts my clients journey. Amanda helped me see the journey on my website from the eyes of my customers and not just through mine allowing me to map out an easy pathway that I just couldn’t see before. This will be a game changer

Deborah Laws

Dance Business Lab (UK)

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