We have devised three types of groups underneath different heading so we all know which camp you fall into:


Teams are a group of people who work in the same Company.

They will be coming at Social Media from various angles, goals and departments, which means they will also have different ideas of what they can do, how they see it working from their point of view, who they are trying to get in front of and how to start engagement.

Within this session we need to find out the stand point from the Company’s perspective, so we can then disseminate it throughout the team and departments, so the brand of the company is consistent with how it wants to be perceived.


A Group of people from the same sector/industry that have come together.

We work with a wide range of umbrella companies (Association’s, Guild’s or Consortium’s) who bring these industries and people together.

We have trained Jewellers, Food and Drink, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and Creative businesses (Artists, Photographers), as well as combined groups of businesses with the Business Owners and/or Marketing Managers of those companies in attendance.

Combine Groups

Combined Groups of people generally come from different companies and industries who all attend the same workshop.

For example; Amanda has trained/lectured for Colleges, Universities and Business Hubs and Apprentice Schemes across the Northwest, North Wales and beyond.