Growth is a One-to-One experience with Amanda.

Just you, Amanda and a lot of questions!

Amanda has created a 36-page Loose-Leaf Guide Book that she will work through with you. She will always start on page one, but after that, where she goes will be guided by the results you are after, the people you want to work with and the services you have to share.

Loose-Leaf? It means I can pull out the pages and put them in order to create your own Marketing Eco-System™.

Not every clients works through this book the same way, as Amanda believes to all to be unique and in need of your very own path to the success you want.

You will choose working with Amanda for 3-6 months and from there you will meet every week.

After every session, you will receive an email of the next actions you should take and the order in which to do them.

The Loose-Leaf will not be completed within 3 or 6 months as it covers thousands of strategies, tactics and resources. However, which ever option you choose you will see a result as long as you do the work.

Of course Amanda is on hand to review, support and suggests ways forward so that you are on track and in alignment.