[Podcast ITI 0002] Who is Koogar and how you can recognise your achievements

[Podcast ITI 0002] Who is Koogar and how you can recognise your achievements

Listening Time – 23 minutes and 9 seconds

Koogar was established in 2006 to give Business Owners and Marketing Managers throughout the Northwest of England and beyond a presence on and offline that they deserve.

As a professional Web Designer with over 18 years experience in the digital field, Amanda wants to inspire, educate and deliver an experience to clients who wanted more from their marketing.

There is an exercise at the end of this podcast so grab your notepad and pen!

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Topics covered in ITI0002:

  1. Who is Koogar?
  2. Where did the name Koogar come from?
  3. Amanda’s Story
  4. Koogar’s Expertise
  5. Recommended Reading: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
  6. The action I would like you to take: What is your story? Write down your journey and tell people who you are and how you came to be. Share it on your website, on social media and with your marketing materials. This exercise will help you see your achievements and what you have done to get to where you are today!
  7. Business Women of the Year
  8. Amanda’s Book: To be released in 2017!
  9. People buy from people and we all use what we call “The 3-5 Second Rule”


How to choose a Web Designer? 17 Point Checklist!

How to choose a Web Designer? 17 Point Checklist!

Choose a web designer - 17 point checklistAnyone can build a website and say they can too, but delivering one that is to your specification, on time and that gets you business is a VERY different story.

As you can appreciate, we hear a lot of different stories about websites from working with many different types of businesses and thought this would be a useful checklist to help ensure you are speaking to someone who can deliver your requirements.

    1. Ask about their experience. Their PERSONAL experience!
    2. Have they got their own website – saying “they are working on it” is not good enough
    3. Look into the company, if they are IT they are still not web. IT and web goes hand in hand as we need computers to make websites and an IT person could make a website, in fact ANYONE could make a website….
    4. Do they have a processes to manage you to the end of your project
    5. Review testimonials and case studies
    6. Find them on Linkedin to review their profile. Does it reflect the experience they have just told you about?

(The first 6 Points explained – 21 minutes 34 seconds)


    1. Do you have a specification for them to work from?
    2. Do they meet with you face-to-face or is it all over the telephone? Which do YOU prefer?
    3. Think about the kind of relationship you want to have with them.
    4. Can they answer your questions clearly for you? Another way of putting it is… do they speak English or jargon?
    5. Are they “yes” men/women? They could promise you the earth but deliver nothing to you
    6. Do they have rules of engagement? Terms and conditions, ways of working with them, how will they bill you, etc…

(The second 6 Points explained – 23 minutes 07 seconds)


  1. Ask about how the business came to be
  2. After Care and Maintenance – Are they going to build and walk away or tidy up after themselves by having you give them a fix list
  3. Do you like the cut of their jib? There is no point in working with someone you are not keen on!
  4. How many questions do they ask you? It should feel like you are being interrogated. Are they keen on understanding you and your business?
  5. How else can they help you and your business? A website cannot just be built and left for the customer to find you, you must have a plan to execute to get people to your website!

This list highlight the level of interest and understanding a GOOD web designer needs to have in your business, in order for them to be able to create a website that truly reflects your business. You are in control of your websites’ future, don’t leave it in the hands of someone who doesn’t care about or understand your business. Ask questions, dig deeper and make sure they are the right web designer for YOU and your business!

consultationIf you wish to discuss an action plan for you to get the website you and your business deserves, book in for a 30 minute FREE consultation today!