Programmes to listen out for!

As you should know by now, Koogar have a weekly business show on Crewe’s newest Internet radio station;  But, Business Day-to-Day is not the only interesting and enjoyable show on the new station. boasts a large variety of shows so there is something for everyone, including the Polish communities!

So whether you’re into your gardening or cooking, interested in your child’s education, seeking business advice or simply want to hear some tunes, then RedShift Radio is the station to tune in to.

For more details about the shows and their presenters as well as a programme listing, please download the PDF’s below.

We know there is a programme for everyone, so take a look and happy listening!

Marketing Tip #26: You’ve used new technology to help your business so how about going back to old school techniques?

Business in this day and age focuses a lot on new media, new technology and the age of digital everything.  These are great tools to utilize in order to promote and market your business extremely well, but what about behind the scenes of your business?  How do you analyse your target market?  How do you keep track of profits?

This is where going back to using old school techniques can help!

There are many programs and softwares that can help you to manage every aspect of your business and track what is working and what isn’t within it.  Excel is a key example of such programs; it enables users to create spreadsheets in order to track and display information, users can perform analysises on risk, target market, competitors and so on as well as performing numerous other functions.

The beauty with technology is that programs such as Excel, although outdate the new digital era,  are able to be updated with new programs being created all the time to help businesses from start ups to established take control of their businesses’ behind the scenes.

For more information on how programs such as Excel can help your business tune in to RedShiftRadio tomorrow, Tuesday 21st September from 10AM, where our very own Amanda Daniels will be discussing the subject in more detail with her guest Traci Williams from Excel Ace.

Marketing Tip #25: KPI…does your company have them?’

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reflect a company’s measurable goals to achieve and succeed.  They can relate to any company in any industry and are vitally important to the success of a company.

Key Performance Indicators need to be carefully selected by a company; they need to be achieveable, but challenging and, most importantly, they need to be measurable so progress can be recorded.

As Key Performance Indicators reflect a company’s goals they do not alter or change often unless a company’s goals do or if a company is close to achieving their goal.

Koogar has KPI’s, do you?

To find out more about KPI and how it affects your company, tune in to RedShift Radio’s Business Day to Day show tomorrow between 10am – 12pm to listen to Koogar’s very own Amanda Daniels and her guest, Kathryn May of Matrix Analitix, as they discuss KPI in more detail.

Koogar on the radio???

Hi there!

Yesterday was a tremendously exciting day for us as we found ourselves in Crewe at 12 o’clock discussing a new radio venture taking place.

The internet radio station, (Internet Radio), will be launching on the 6th September and has a fantastic variety of shows for its listeners.  From gardening to business start ups, music to the news and everything in between is bound to have something you’ll enjoy.

Now for the exciting news…we have been asked if we would like to co-host a show!  How exciting is that?  We haven’t set out a schedule as of yet, but we’ll be talking about various areas of business that you need to pay particular attention to, so it’s definitely worth a listen!

Internet radio is a fantastic way to reach people on a global scale and it allows you to listen to a show after being aired, so you’ll never miss out on your favourite one.  At the office, we regularly play a pod cast, or something equivalent, in the background whilst we work a.k.a when we’re supposedly having our lunch.  It’s a great way to learn a bit more about a topic you’re not familiar with and in helping you to relax after a stressful morning or get motivated for your next job through playing music.

Even though is an internet station at the moment, it still functions like a digital/FM station in that it will play music, have the news on the hour and have sponsors of shows as well as adverts in between.  They’re still on the look out for sponsors and welcome any ideas for future shows.  This is a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and we are thrilled to have been asked to take part.

We wish the team the best of luck as we’re sure the next two weeks, before they launch, are going to be stressful yet filled with excitement.