[Podcast ITI0005] Mind Gremlins and 9 Reasons why you are NOT taking action

[Podcast ITI0005] Mind Gremlins and 9 Reasons why you are NOT taking action

Listening Time – 35 minutes and 4 seconds

You (and I) are not taking ENOUGH action in our marketing and this is for a number of reasons! This podcast talks through some of the things that Business Owners and Marketing Managers think about and have talked about during their sessions with regards to WHY they haven’t or don’t take action on their marketing.

Does doing one job in the business take you SO LONG, which makes feel like you are getting nowhere and that no one wants you or what you do?

In this podcast Amanda will give you 7 tips on changing your in-action to more ACTION and getting rid of the mind gremlins!

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Topics covered in ITI0005:

  1. Click to read the 9 reasons why you are NOT taking action
  2. Buy the "The Big Leap" book from Amazon by Gay Hendricks
  3. Buy the "The Jelly Effect" book from Amazon by Andy Bounds


What to blog about? That is the question…

Pencils - What to blog about? That is the question…Every now and again I can’t think of things to blog about even if I have a list of subjects people have asked me about. I suppose I’m waiting for a flash of inspiration to grab me and enable me to write frantically at my computer for 20 minutes about something that has just come to me and something I feel you, as the reader, would be interested in and not just skim read.

So, I’ve been thinking “What to blog about?” is one of the top questions I get asked when it comes to blogging. Here are a few tips and tricks on helping you work out what to write, on a side note, you don’t HAVE to write anything. You could Vlog (Video Blog) – speak straight into a video camera and upload it to YouTube or you could Podcast where you record your own voice or an interview with someone for people to listen to at a later date, like when they are driving in the car.

You see everyone has their own learning styles. Some like to read, some like to watch and see something, some like to listen and some like to be practical; get their hands dirty.

Which one of these people are you writing your blog for? Now if you are scrambling around for an answer there isn’t a right or wrong answer because everyone you come into contact with have what I call “their preferred method”.

You know the saying; Treat people how you like to be treated? Well it’s wrong; you should treat people how THEY like to be treated as we are all different!

Now I like to be practical, get my hands dirty while I’m in a class room, but at the same time I like to watch something and read about it in my own time. By doing one or all of these activities you will be displaying the right method for the right people.

So when it comes to what to write, things can become a little tricky only because you assume everything! You assume that everyone who knows about your product or service knows everything about that product or service. But they don’t. They may know what it is you do but they may not understand how you do it compared to others.

One of the things we as humans forget are the basics. We ALWAYS have to go back to the basics, so why not start there? What is it that you take for granted because you know it like the back of your hand? I can hear you say that’s not too helpful Amanda, I’m still a little stuck.

So my next question to you is what question(s) have you been asked recently that you could turn into a blog? In fact you could turn these questions into a FAQ, where people will come and find out some useful information about you and your company and how you differ to the competition.

I did mention right at the beginning that this should only take you 20 minutes. If you give yourself a focused time to write about a particular subject you will be amazed at what you can achieve. I’m confident, you already know plenty about your product or service to write or even speak about a certain aspect of it. Once you have written the first draft, revisit it after a few hours to see what you need to tweak and then post it!

So you see, what to blog about is really simple when you take the time to step back and listen to people, I’m mean really listen to them.

  1. What are they asking you?
  2. How can you expand it into something the is useful and valuable for them to use?

Let me know if this has been useful for you and how you know what to blog about. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed!