Koogar’s first Marketing Conference (Influence2015)

Influence2015 - Marketing Conference by KoogarInfluence 2015 is an inspirational (Northwest) Marketing Conference for Owner-Managed Businesses and Marketing Managers who want to shake up their marketing for 2015. This one day event will motivate and inspire you to take the action you’ve been meaning to take for a while.

At Influence 2015, we will share our knowledge and the lessons we’ve learned to lead you to a confident plan of action for 2015. You’ll have the opportunity to meet our guest speakers and discover how they have helped people like you.

Date: Friday 17th April, 2015 [Updated: 26/03/2015] Thursday, 17th September

Venue: The Heath Business & Technical Park, WA7 4QX. Runcorn. UK

Influence 2015 will cover a wide range of topics ranging from Data Collection and what to do with it, Niching your business, Podcasting, Clarity of your Message and more. You’ll leave the conference with a number of elements you can immediately apply to your business and retain as part of your ongoing marketing toolkit.

This is an exclusive and intimate event for only 120 delegates!
Do you want to Influence 2015?

Book your ticket today via Eventbrite and Paypal for £79

All delegates will receive a goodie bag with valuable vouchers and giveaways to support their 2015 marketing journey!

Included in your ticket price:

  • Listen to 7 Speakers on 7 different marketing topics
  • Lunch and Refreshments throughout the day – network with other delegates
  • Access to the business exhibition stands – ask the experts
  • Workbook – with exercises from each speaker, keeping your notes in one place!
  • Goodie Bag – with valuable vouchers and giveaways to support you during 2015
  • Business Related Raffle Prizes – all money received will be given to charity
  • FREE All day Parking
  • FREE Wi-fi


Masters of Survival – Evolve and Adapt

For the last few years Koogar has been evolving and adapting to deliver the marketing requirements of our clients and it’s only now that we have decided to adjust our message.

Koogar is an Integrated Marketing Agency not just experts in Digital.

We are not simply about getting as many people through the door as we can; we are about getting you the right people, those who want your products/services. By working more closely with your company, we can help you create the brand you have always dreamed of. We know that to do this we need to use more than just Digital Marketing elements, we have to use Traditional ones too.

For years we have been supporting our clients by designing logos and creating brands, designing graphics and adverts as well as writing marketing plans and calendars. We haven’t got round to tell you what WE have been doing!

We would like to become your Outsourced Marketing Department (if we are not already), where you can contact us at any time to help you create and implement your ideas. We will help you get your message out to the right audience.

Our clients benefit most when they think of us as their marketing department, albeit outsourced. As such, they use us to help define their marketing objectives, to develop and then implement the appropriate strategy.

Using Social Media and Online Marketing on their own isn’t the answer, however they are an integral part of the mix. We recognise that you and your company have to be seen as different and a cut above your competitors. We will work with you to design campaigns using the correct mix of media to deliver the results you want.

Consistency is the key to marketing and it’s something that all of us fall foul of from time to time!

Our team will work with you to ensure that when implementing your strategy the look, feel and content of the messages are consistent. To do this we obviously have to develop a true understanding of your business and know what your future intentions for business direction/growth are.

At the end of this year, Koogar is going to be 7 years old. Over that time we have developed and refined our services to the point that we know what our clients’ needs are. Koogar has an excellent reputation that has been solidly built on trust through consistently delivering to our clients and enabling them to achieve effective results. It is important to Amanda that we seek feedback which enables us to continually look at our services to maintain the longevity of our client relationships.

Moving forward how can we help you?

If you didn’t already know, our range of services consists of:

  1. Company Branding and Graphic Design
  2. Printing
  3. Website Design and Development
  4. Copywriting (Content for your website and printed materials)
  5. S.E.O. Search Engine Optimisation
  6. Maintenance/Updates
  7. Social Media Marketing / Training
  8. Marketing Plans/Calendars
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Video Production
  11. In-house Training and Workshops

You may have only engaged with us on one of the above marketing elements, however we can help you with much more!

Next Steps

Our website will be changing over the next few months so please keep an eye on it and what we are up to.

I would like to personally invite you to have a catch up and have a chat about your Marketing and how it is working for you with our FREE 1Hour Consultation. Book your place and start the conversation…

Digital Alphabet: “C” is for CMS (Content Managed Systems)

You might have heard us say “We create websites you can edit yourself…” in a Networking Event sometime.

A CMS or otherwise known as “Content Managed System” website allows the user/client to update the website as and when you want without having to constantly ask your web designer for assistance.

Over three years ago Koogar recognised the advantages of CMS for our clients and other business people.

  1. Not having to wait 3-6 weeks for the update to happen – For example; you would have the ability to add special offers on the website for a certain period of time
  2. SEO – (Search Engine Optimisation) Friendly – Search Engines like websites with constantly changing content they will come back more often to find out what your up to and then report back to HQ and help your website move up the ranks.
  3. Become the person to speak to – By changing your content frequently, you will be keeping your followers, clients and potential customers up-to-date with whats happening within your company, if you have a new product or if you have a special offer on.
  4. Long term saving of money – It might be more expensive to have a CMS built for you but it WILL save you money in the long run. Think about it, your company will grow, get more products to sell, staff to help out. Thinking of the bigger picture sooner is always better. P.P.P.P.P.P – Perfect planning prevents p**-poor performance!

Initially a CMS website will cost extra as it takes longer to setup for the clients requirements. Once the bulk of the site is set up and the client is trained you can then add as much or as little as you like. Remembering Search Engines like changing content/text.

At Koogar we also provide an “After Care Plan” that is there for us to make sure your site is running as smoothly as possible but to also be there to answer any questions and amend other parts of the site that may need technical attention.