Marketing: What, How & When

Just in case you haven’t already heard or seen about the workshop Koogar and Azzure Marketing are hosting on Wednesday 21st April here’s a little reminder!

The event is a Marketing Forum aiming to introduce people to marketing; why you should use it, the benefits of using it and the different types of marketing available to you (as not every way will be beneficial to you).

 The event will start at [09:30] – registering (name, company, how you heard about the event etc) and will finish at [12:30].  During this time you will be able to listen to two speakers:

Amanda Daniels (Koogar): ‘Attracting New Clients’ – The key information you need for a successful online presence.

Julie Webb (Azzure Marketing): ‘Promoting your Business’ Understanding your business position to target your customers, using the right marketing tools.

You will be able to ask both Amanda and Julie questions throughout the event as well as network at the end with each other and don’t panic- tea and coffee will be served throughout!

You will also have the opportunity to sign up for our marketing workshop on Wednesday 26th May, which is a more in depth look at the marketing your business is using and how it could be improved.  You will need to book your place early for this event however, as there are only 10 places available!

Feel free to have a look at the event details in more detail on our Training page:

If you want to book your place on our Marketing Forum Event please follow the link below:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Laura’s Diary: Day 12 – What A Day!

Today has been an extremely busy day for both myself and Amanda, which wasn’t made any easier by the internet going down for the best part of an hour- stalling our work focus temporarily.

However, once it was up and running again I was able to crack on with my extensive list of tasks.  I started by doing a summary blog for MyWirralHub’s speed networking event on Monday and I’m pleased to say that it went swimmingly and raised £80 for The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation so well done to everyone who turned up and to Geoffrey, who delivered an enlightening talk about success!

I then created an email invite ready for when Amanda officially takes over as Chair for CEPN Business Forum, which is a huge job and responsibility, but great that Amanda was chosen so congratulations to her and good luck! (Although I’m sure Amanda won’t need any of this)!

I have updated the MyWirralHub website with two of the upcoming events and created the tickets for you to book online now.  Both events sound promising and worthwhile with two great speakers getting involved so definitely worth attending.  Unfortunately, we don’t know in enough detail what each speaker will be talking about, but don’t worry, once we’ve discussed it further we’ll let you know by updating the website.

I have also created some new pages on the CEPN website; AGM- what is it and Facebook & LinkedIn- what are they and how can they benefit your business, so for anyone involved in the CEPN forum or interested in it check out the website below where I’m sure you’ll find some great tips and useful business info!

Finally, I have been working on an instruction/ training booklet for future users of the CEPN website (and probably anyone in the future who will be updating either Koogar, MyWirralHub or CEPN’s websites), which is proving to be a bigger task than at first anticipated.  However, I have managed to get half of it done today and will hopefully finish it by next week so it’s ready to go at Amanda’s first official meeting as Chair of CEPN Business Forum.

I have just about got enough time to post this up on the website before my day officially ends so hope you’ve enjoyed it and keep an eye out for updates on the May & June MyWirralHub networking events!

Laura’s Diary: Day 11 – New events, networking, marketing tips & more!

I have done quite a lot of writing today and creating the wording for different event notifications- so have thoroughly enjoyed myself!

A New Upcoming Networking Event!

I started off the day by creating an email invite and the follow up website wording for a new networking event that Koogar and Azzure Marketing (  are organising for the near future.  The event is aiming to outline marketing and its importance within a business as well as getting people to welcome the idea of marketing instead of flinching from the mere mention of it!

After an hour or so of creating a couple of drafts and then typing it up I set my mind to proofreading the MyWirralHub website as a couple of people have mentioned there were spelling mistakes- I had a look and found two.  I re-worded parts of it and added parts to bulk it up a bit more and try and explain the idea behind some of the decisions, which I hope you find helpful next time you visit the website.


Today is Monday…which means it’s the second instalment of Koogar’s new feature- Marketing Tips.  Today’s tip is all about networking and how important it is for any business, old and new.  Having been to a networking event with Koogar I have seen first hand how effective it can be for generating new business.  I have also included a few important hints concerning networking events as they differ greatly.  However, don’t just think you have to network at these specific events.  You can network virtually anywhere.  I knew a girl who wanted to move to Canada and work for a large company over there but had no clue where to start.  Then one day she got talking to a woman at the bus stop whose daughter was Chief Executive of the company she wanted to work for and she was immediately given the necessary contact details!  I’m not saying every old lady at a bus stop will be able to help you with a job or generate thousands of pounds of business for you, but it just shows, you never know who you might get talking to…

As I’m on the subject of networking I should mention that tonight I am going to one of the My Wirral Hub networking events in Neston which promises to be a huge success as 30 people have indicated they will be attending!  I can’t wait as I’ve seen how much organisation Amanda, Lucy and Ida put into the events and now I’ll be able to see how they actually function.  It’s still not too late to show up, just have a look at the website for more details and remember a buffet is being provided and it’s £5 to get in, but all of this is going to The Roy Castle Foundation.

For the remainder of the afternoon I have been re-writing a featured business article for Koogar as we are trying to get featured in a number of publications.  I completed one a few weeks ago and have just, in the last 10-15 minutes, completed the second- leaving me two more to do over the next week or so!  So I’m going to get back to typing up the second version as I only have half an hour left in the office!

Don’t forget to check out the new Marketing Tip– it should prove very useful if you’re not already doing it so…enjoy!

Marketing Tip #2: Networking

koogar-networkingOne of the first things I learnt when I set up in business was to tell AT LEAST 5 people a day about you and what you do. Over the next month you would have told up to and possibly beyond 140 people.

Networking is done in many places; over the telephone, over lunch, a meal or coffee and cake, in the pub, at conferences and events, via text or email and social media; like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

By spending time talking to people about your business, you can raise your business’ profile which may also refer clients your way.


Research the networking events in your local area and go along to generate business.

HOWEVER… Remember! It is very important to research networking events and even go to a few adopting a “try before you buy” attitude before deciding on which one(s) you feel is right for you and your business.


Each event is different in that some may require you to;

  • be in a certain area/location or industry
  • pay a weekly, monthly or annual fee. However they could also be FREE
  • be there at a certain time of day – You can now Network 24/7 and yes this includes Social Media

It is possibly even more important that you don’t choose a networking event that has a lot of people from the same sector or industry as yourself as they are effectively your competition. Competition is a good thing as it means that there is business in what you do. EVERYONE does business differently, has different skills and experiences. People buy from people!

Watch this video about Networking – 23minutes and 46seconds

7 Useful Networking Tips

When attending networking events:

  1. ensure your target audience/ideal customer attends this event
  2. know WHAT you are going to say to the people you want to meet
  3. have a particular product/service that you want to push that week/month rather than going in there and bombarding people with every aspect of what your business does. Not only will this confuse people but being given TOO MUCH information over a short period of time turns people off
  4. have a strategy of WHO you want to meet and WHAT you want to get out of the event. Having the idea of meeting 2-3 specific people or people in certain industries is a lot better than trying to get around everyone in the room
  5. be ASKED for your business card. This means don’t give them out to everyone
  6. don’t take EVERYTHING with you, just take yourself and business cards. If you book a 1:1 with someone that would be the best time to give them additional information IF and only if the time is right
  7. don’t not sell or push your wares onto the people in the room. You don’t want to be seen as desperate

There are a lot more tips and tricks that can be given to you when it comes to networking as it requires skills to meet the right people and do business but it is also a great way for getting more confident in talking to people, saying your elevator pitch and understanding WHO you want to speak to.

Check out

Good luck and happy networking!

Professional Business Stalker

I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of networking as this is how I get business for Koogar. Meeting new people at different events and locations around the Northwest is a great way to speak to and find potential clients.

In the tail end of last year I met a person who says “I do the same thing as you…“.

Have you ever met people who say that to you?

How can another company do the same thing as your company as all businesses are different:

  • different way of producing work
  • different quality of work
  • different experience within their field
  • use different products/software
  • are able to sell to different types of people/businesses
  • have different products
  • and so on…

There are a lot of factors that are not the same… and most importantly Koogar’s USP is different.

I feel at Koogar we walk the talk and deliver what our clients need and want to attract new clients/customers.

However recently we have been subject to what is called a Professional Business Stalker. Its a bit of a grand name for what this person actually does…

Just wondered… Have you ever experienced this? If you have what have you done to deal with the person involved… If you haven’t what would you do in my shoes?

Passing yourself off as another company must be illegal… surely…

When networking, don’t tell people you do the same thing as someone else as you probably don’t. You should have your own USP, target clients and pricing structure… but what cant be helped is if your a step ahead of your competition.

We would love to hear from you and your thoughts.