Laura Allen is now working with Koogar

Laura Allen is an English student who is coming to work with Koogar over the next three months. She will be working on a range of different things, from new products, event organisation and copy writing.

Read more below to find out a little more about Laura.

My full name is Laura Jane Allen and I was born in Liverpool, in Allerton and lived here until I was 18. This was when I moved to Hull to go to university for a 3 year degree, but stayed on an extra year where I got a job working with American Express.

I chose to go to Hull University on the advice from a 6th form tutor, so my Mum and I drove over there and took at look at the facilities. We liked it and this was where I completed my English degree.

My ideal job would be to become a Chief Editor within a publishing house, looking after books… not papers or magazines, but I don’t mind trying it out. I would love to work with Penguin, but would also love to work for another publishing house down in London. I think to start with I would like to have a job in Liverpool first and then I can move on to other places.

Ideally I would like to work in the North East. I love Yorkshire, the people are laid back along with the lifestyle and everyone is friendly.

I found information on the Radio City website which talked about graduate training with a company called Blue Orchid. I called and spoke to Jo who then told me about a Marketing position going within Koogar. To be honest I wasn’t sure about marketing to begin with but once Jo explained the type of work I could be doing I wanted to know more. She talked about copy writing, working with local businesses and offering advice.

I applied to work with Koogar because you gave a list of things that I would potentially be working on which helped me understand a little more about marketing and how I could fit in. I would like to work with smaller companies by giving them support and would also like to have a look at the web/Internet side of things. Never thought of this aspect before.

My role model would be a tutor from University. When she came into the room to speak she gained a massive amount of respect and had a great presence on the stage… All this by just walking into a room.

I inspire to be a Copy Editor within a publishing house, but you never know… that might change. I’m finding more and more things that I haven’t known about before. I would love to work with and help people who write for hobbies. I would give them help and support them with ideas and reviewing their copy too.

A friend of my mums got me a picture of Liverpool docks in 1912ish as a present and told me to “Never forget where you come from”. Its something I will always remember and live by.

Koogar is very excited to be working with Laura as she has a lot of ideas and new skills to bring to the company. I’m sure you will give her a warm welcome if you ever meet her or speak to her on the telephone.

Cancelled Networking

Today I cancelled a few things we needed to attend for Koogar (working on the business) and concentrated on doing some actual work, but I’m still planning on networking tonight in Chester. The reason I cancelled is sometimes you just go a long to things for the sake of it without looking at the schedule and working out your deadlines and other things like admin that need to be done.

Anyway, I was running a little late due to unforeseen circumstances, but still got the the networking event 20 minutes late (and hadn’t missed the speaker). I had to attend this event as I have been asked to speak in a few months with regards to Social Media and how it can help your business, so I wanted to go to see the facilities and make some notes so I am prepared for when its my turn.

The speaker this evening was Chrissie [PAUSE] Chrissie Gibson, a lady who is very knowledgeable when it comes to networking and who I have met and seen speak many times before. (Chrissie has also spoken at a MyWirralHub event).

Even though I have heard Chrissie speak many times, I still pick up little nuggets of information on networking best practices. Since this event I have decided to attend a workshop put on by Chrissie so I don’t miss anything out and polish my networking skills.

Have you attended one of Chrissie’s courses? If yes, do you recommend it and what was the best thing you took away from it?