MyWirralHub’s final event for 2010

MyWirralHub is having the last event for 2010 in Mr.Chows in Parkgate on the Wirral.

We have made some amendments to the structure of MyWirralHub for 2011. This means that we are:

  • having evening and lunch time events
  • getting great meal deals from our chosen venues
  • attending the best venues we have used over the last 2 years
  • holding “membership free” events – you don’t have to join, just come when you like
  • have speakers who will educate the delegates on various business needs

As from this final event, you will now be able to buy your ticket online and pay for your place to attend MyWirralHub. We are looking forward to the new year and hope it will attract new and old businesses on the Wirral or even businesses who would like to trade on the Wirral.

Continuing our idea’s of “bringing local businesses together”!

Laura’s Diary: Day 11 – New events, networking, marketing tips & more!

I have done quite a lot of writing today and creating the wording for different event notifications- so have thoroughly enjoyed myself!

A New Upcoming Networking Event!

I started off the day by creating an email invite and the follow up website wording for a new networking event that Koogar and Azzure Marketing (  are organising for the near future.  The event is aiming to outline marketing and its importance within a business as well as getting people to welcome the idea of marketing instead of flinching from the mere mention of it!

After an hour or so of creating a couple of drafts and then typing it up I set my mind to proofreading the MyWirralHub website as a couple of people have mentioned there were spelling mistakes- I had a look and found two.  I re-worded parts of it and added parts to bulk it up a bit more and try and explain the idea behind some of the decisions, which I hope you find helpful next time you visit the website.


Today is Monday…which means it’s the second instalment of Koogar’s new feature- Marketing Tips.  Today’s tip is all about networking and how important it is for any business, old and new.  Having been to a networking event with Koogar I have seen first hand how effective it can be for generating new business.  I have also included a few important hints concerning networking events as they differ greatly.  However, don’t just think you have to network at these specific events.  You can network virtually anywhere.  I knew a girl who wanted to move to Canada and work for a large company over there but had no clue where to start.  Then one day she got talking to a woman at the bus stop whose daughter was Chief Executive of the company she wanted to work for and she was immediately given the necessary contact details!  I’m not saying every old lady at a bus stop will be able to help you with a job or generate thousands of pounds of business for you, but it just shows, you never know who you might get talking to…

As I’m on the subject of networking I should mention that tonight I am going to one of the My Wirral Hub networking events in Neston which promises to be a huge success as 30 people have indicated they will be attending!  I can’t wait as I’ve seen how much organisation Amanda, Lucy and Ida put into the events and now I’ll be able to see how they actually function.  It’s still not too late to show up, just have a look at the website for more details and remember a buffet is being provided and it’s £5 to get in, but all of this is going to The Roy Castle Foundation.

For the remainder of the afternoon I have been re-writing a featured business article for Koogar as we are trying to get featured in a number of publications.  I completed one a few weeks ago and have just, in the last 10-15 minutes, completed the second- leaving me two more to do over the next week or so!  So I’m going to get back to typing up the second version as I only have half an hour left in the office!

Don’t forget to check out the new Marketing Tip– it should prove very useful if you’re not already doing it so…enjoy!

Laura’s Diary: Day 5 – VERY productive day

Today has been a very busy, but very productive day for me!

I’m pleased to say that I have finalised the wording on another marketing campaign, which will hopefully be produced and ready in the next few weeks so I can finally talk to you in detail about some of the things I’m doing.

I have also updated some details on MyWirralHub for one of its upcoming events in March.  Although this sounds relatively simple and mundane I’m excited because now I am able to log into the site and update anything or create anything that the site needs, which is great- another string to my bow sort of thing!

I have proofread a couple of client case studies, which I spent a couple of hours on , but I love proofreading and editing anything so was in my element for these two hours.  Koogar has now created two new pages on the website – one dedicated to client testimonials and the other case studies.  I have introduced these two subjects with a small blurb and the case studies page now has a case study from a client on there, which is great and should hopefully be posted on the website (as it’s only been saved at the moment) within the next couple of days.

The testimonials look quite exciting and I know I know…how exciting can they be??? Well from my point of view…very! I came across some different styles of presenting your client testimonials which Amanda saw me looking at and now she is designing our own Koogar style testimonials for our new page!

I have finally started to look at prospective client questionnaires, which I am going to be re-wording in the near future so future clients…watch out for this!

Although it’s been a hectic day, especially for Amanda, it’s been very interesting.  I am looking into Koogar becoming part of an online magazine in order to raise our profile, but everything looks promising and Amanda is excited too, which is a great sign!

Laura’s Diary: Day 4

The MyWirralHub meeting last night was great and everyone was so friendly and had some great ideas.  I really got to see exactly how dedicated Amanda, Ida and Lucy are and how hard they work to keep the events interesting and relevant for the businesses in the area.

When I got in this morning I listened to a CD by Chris Cardell on Internet Profit Strategies.  This was a great way to start the day as it really focused me on what I had to do during the day as well as giving me some great ideas which I can implement some time in March and hopefully enhance Koogar’s profile.  It also gave me some ideas for my marketing tips- yes I haven’t forgotten about them!  I’m still on track, but think it may be time to tidy them up a bit and type them up with some background knowledge and information to support them- so this is something I can do in my spare time.

What has taken up the main part of my day has been the ACME feature I’m working on at the moment.  I interviewed Amanda earlier and have now completed a couple of A4 pages all about Koogar; what the company does, its aims and philosophy.  I’ve even included some images of the logo, website and MyWirralHub.  Hopefully this will be ready to send off next week.

I am also pleased to say that it looks like one of the campaigns/ promotions I’ve been working on is almost complete.  I ran the wording past Amanda this afternoon and she liked it so all that’s left is the layout of the design, images and printing…but then I will finally be able to discuss it in more detail and you’ll be able to have a look at it yourselves.  As you can probably tell I’m very excited about this campaign.

I feel today as if I’ve actually accomplished my first official piece of marketing for Koogar.  Although it’s my fourth day I spent my first few days getting to grips with the company and marketing in general.  Most of my day was spent researching different topics and ideas so I could do these things quickly and comfortably.  Now though, I feel encouraged that I am on the right track for promoting Koogar and have completed two fairly big tasks today as well as a few smaller ones, which has helped build my confidence.

I’ve got several ideas I am going to be working on next week and I am really enthusiastic about them and am definitely looking forward to them!

Laura’s Diary: Day 3

Wow! I can’t believe that I was awake, dressed and functional at [06:30] this morning!  I was invited by Amanda to go along to a BNI meeting, whereby a group of local business men and woman go and talk about a new product/ service that they want to promote and who their target client is in 60 seconds!

The people were incredibly friendly and made me feel welcome immediately.  Once we had mingled and had breakfast the meeting began.  Once all the members had said their pieces (and I was asked twice if I wanted to promote Koogar, which I politely declined…heart racing) it was Amanda’s turn to give a 10 minute talk on her chosen subject as one person gets this 10 minute slot per week.  The subject was Social Media, focusing on Twitter.  It proved to be a very popular topic as the majority of people did not have or use this application and were amazed at how much interest in your business it can get you.

After the meeting everyone who had referrals (contacts that others had asked for) passed them onto each other. Amanda was passed a few and in turn handed out several!  Overall I was so impressed by how much efficient networking can be done and business created from a couple of hours every Tuesday morning.  This type of organised networking is definitely worth getting involved with if you are starting up your own business.

Throughout the rest of the day I worked on an interview for Amanda in order to create a report of Koogar to send to Merseyside ACME so they can put us on their website as a Featured Business.  This will hopefully be completed by tomorrow and ready to send off ASAP- I’ll be mentioning it in my blog when it’s on there so keep your eyes on the look out!

I also created the majority of the wording for a new campaign Amanda is looking to promote by the end of this month.  Unfortunately I can’t say too much about it, but you haven’t got much longer to wait and find out.  I’ve also been looking at a client questionnaire form to see if the wording can be changed to improve the quality, but I am still working on that so not a lot to comment on in regards to it…yet.

Although I have finished my work for the day I am off to a MyWirralHub meeting tonight to meet Ida and Lucy the other women involved in this business networking organisation for the Wirral.  I am excited as I will be able to see exactly how they organise an event, which will be extremely beneficial to me as I may be required to organise a new and upcoming event for Koogar in March- fingers crossed!