Matt’s Diary : Week 8 – Digital Comic Strip


This week I have been continuing with the Koogar Comic Strip project. Today I drew four more frames in my  sketchpad  using pencils and  began creating a new digital version of comic strip frame C, which depicts Miss Koogar shaking hands with the client. One of these four frames conveyed the fulfilment of the  clients proposal requirements. Two  more of the frames  depicted  success stories from Koogar clients. The  last  was a newly improved version the email scene. the frame needed improving as it do not share the same standard of communication as previous frames have done. This had to be amended.


Today I continued working on frame C in Photoshop. To draw MissKoogar I first got an old jpeg image of  MissKoogar. I cut it up to fit the new pose and then in a new layer drew her new composition. I had to adjust the hands a little to give them some more definition, which I felt  the image was lacking. I managed to complete this frame in digital form.

I started working on frame I in Photoshop  today, which shows MissKoogar sending an email to a client. A large portion of this was just creating graphics on the computer screen. I had to amplify the scale the graphics to emphasize the most relevant features.  Such as the email addressed to a “” and the email title “website proposal”. I added large flying envelope icon which with the word “sending” beneath it. These images and words synonyms with the concept of email.  All contributing towards the communication value of the frame.

Matt’s Diary : Week 6 – New Pose, new clothes


I  finished off putting the tonal work and shading on the “45 degree pose” of MissKoogar as well as:

  • improved the line
  • added some more folds in the trousers
  • drew new image of a new head using the to fit the angle of her body and recycled all the effects and fill layers to adapt them to the to new composition.


I drew a Koogar in a new pose facing away format the camera. The new image shows her wearing a casual black t-shirt instend of the white shirt she has previously been seen in. The new pose was also created to display a design on the reverse of the MissKoogar t-shirts. Its been modified using some of the older images of MissKoogar, changing her shirt for the and adding the new black MissKoogar t-shirt in its place.

Matt’s Diary : Day 9 – MissKoogar is now finished!

Today I made some alterations to Koogar’s new clothes, making them a little baggier here and there and added in little more detail.

The cats now have a shadows!  To stick the shadows onto Koogar images I outlined the figures with the selection tool and filled the area with a medium grey. I grabbed hold of the layer with the transform tool and slanted the shadow area to the left, then reduced it’s height. It now looks like Koogar’s shadow is on the floor  where  it should be and not standing behind her like ghoul.

After the images were both were finished and complete I added a 9pt stroke around the outer line of each figure. I copied all of visible layers, rasterized and flattened them into one, so I could add one continuous line around them as a unified composition.

The Koogar twitter bird has begun to take shape on computer now has wings, a body, a tail and a Koogar style head. The Koogar twitter bird is cross between a cougar-cat (Koogar) and a blue bird (which is the Twitter logo). I it’s looking quite cute so far and I hope Amanda and Andy will like it too!

Matt’s Diary : Day 8 – Adidas trainers and baggy trousers

Today I was giving Koogar a change of clothes. Koogar is dressed in smart/casual attire but we needed her to be leaning a little closer to casual and also looking more like Amanda. We gave Koogar a classic pair of mock Adidas trainers and replaced her formal slacks with some casual baggy trousers.

To help Koogar change her clothes, I simply drew her trainers on top of where the feet used to be. To make her new trousers I selected portions of her trouser layers and made them wider using the scale tool and then tapered them in to give them a little more shape. I created a new layer and added all of those new folds and creases in her clothing. Having all of this on a separate layer allows you to adjust the bagginess of the trousers easily.

Matt’s Diary : Day 7 – New Map!

After writing up the day’s task list I went on to work on the map. The first thing I did on the map was changing the current colour scheme using a revised palette, which better suited the Koogar identity.

I marked out a pathway for which a walk from when arriving at Lime Street Station. To make the pathway I copied and pasted the section of the streets where you would walk when going from Lime Street to Koogar into a new layer. I then rounded off the outside corners of the pathway. After the route was the desired shape I then used the magic wand tool to select the contents of the layer. I contracted the selection and then inverted the selection and deleted the outer contents of the layer. This narrowed the strip of the pathway, which now appears to run through the streets and not on top of them.

Now the pathway layer was no longer simply highlighting an area of the map, it now implied a route of which to take.

This route was originally marked out in white I tried various other colours but no other tone shared the same synergy as the white so I returned to the original colour. The white contrasts nicely yet works in harmony the other features of the map and does not glare out from the image.

I drew in a few well-known landmarks, which are in close proximity to the Koogar office such as Lime Street Station and Saint George’s Hall. I did this by outlining simplified shapes of the structures, in-keeping with the style of the map.

I created a glass orb effect using the elliptical selection tool and gradients with various opacities. This makes map more attractive to look at and gives it a better chance catching a clients attention when viewing the Koogar website.

Today, I also made some subtle changes to one of the images of Koogar. Koogar is supposed to bare a close resemblance to Amanda. Amanda has a suit jacket with grey trim around the lapel and pockets and so we thought Koogar should have this on her jacket also. I added this to image on a new layer. In this image Koogar is sitting at an angle and because this you cannot see the left pocket upon her jacket. In order to keep the image looking consistent and symmetrical I added in the top half of the pocket exposing the grey trim.

I am pleased that I managed to get the map finished today. I like the way it looks and I hope Amanda and Andy do too.