[Podcast ITI0005] Mind Gremlins and 9 Reasons why you are NOT taking action

[Podcast ITI0005] Mind Gremlins and 9 Reasons why you are NOT taking action

Listening Time – 35 minutes and 4 seconds

You (and I) are not taking ENOUGH action in our marketing and this is for a number of reasons! This podcast talks through some of the things that Business Owners and Marketing Managers think about and have talked about during their sessions with regards to WHY they haven’t or don’t take action on their marketing.

Does doing one job in the business take you SO LONG, which makes feel like you are getting nowhere and that no one wants you or what you do?

In this podcast Amanda will give you 7 tips on changing your in-action to more ACTION and getting rid of the mind gremlins!

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Topics covered in ITI0005:

  1. Click to read the 9 reasons why you are NOT taking action
  2. Buy the "The Big Leap" book from Amazon by Gay Hendricks
  3. Buy the "The Jelly Effect" book from Amazon by Andy Bounds


9 Reasons WHY you are NOT Taking Action

9 Reasons WHY you are NOT Taking Action

What action are you taking?You (and I) are not taking ENOUGH action and this is for a number of reasons! Here are 9 that I have heard from Business Owners recently –

REASON – There are so many people out there that are pushing themselves harder than I am

ANSWER – Pushing doesn’t make them better or more successful just pushier

REASON – Others are taking action even when things are not perfect

ANSWER – Perfection IS overrated. Done is better than perfect!

REASON – I’m a perfectionist

ANSWER – We all are, well most of us, some of us, one or two of us, ok only me then?! As above.

REASON – I’m not sure I’m as good as them

ANSWER – STOP comparing yourself to anyone else! Be the very best YOU can be in other words… Will it make the boat go faster?

REASON – Overwhelmed by the amount of information I’m receiving and what I SHOULD be doing

ANSWER – Do ONE thing at a time and do it WELL!

REASON – Wondering if people actually want to hear from me? i.e. Email Marketing

ANSWER – Until your unsubscribe rate is into double figures – assume they do!

REASON – Am I targeting the right client as no one is buying from me?

ANSWER – What are they currently buying? Are you selling what they are buying? Review products and services ALL the time!

REASON – What is it that I’m actually good at?

ANSWER – When are you in your flow what are you doing or what is your Genius?

REASON – How do I help people?

ANSWER – That’s a long new list and it’s probably not how you think you help them

These are some of the things going through Business Owners heads’ on a daily basis and they are VERY unhelpful comments about yourself, your life, your situation at home, who you are, where you want to be, what you want to do. Things are starting to seem a little alien to you and you are not moving forward. Instead you are getting more and more overwhelmed into a state of in-action!

You just want to be able to help people by answering their questions, making them feel more confident with what they are doing. You’d like to be happy every day with who you are and what you stand for but at the moment you are just annoyed with yourself.

Taking one step and even doing one job in the business is taking you SO LONG to do. Feeling like you are getting nowhere and that no one wants you or what you do. Wanting to hibernate forever and not do anything…

Another thought that pops up every now and again is…

Running a business is difficult and I’m not sure I one of those. It is more like a job with no boss and no direction…

THOUGHT – Being an entrepreneur is difficult and I’m not sure I am one. I feel like a fraud!

ANSWER – Great NEWS. Neither does anybody else!!!!!

Just know the current situation isn’t forever, your feelings are not forever and things will improve but you may not YET be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could be to do with the lack of self confidence… So the question is…

What can you do to get out of this rut and this life you currently have? ONLY YOU HAVE THE ANSWER!


What are YOU afraid of?

FEAR – I’m afraid of change but know things are going to change… things have to change

CHOICE – Learning to embrace change is difficult but necessary within us all. It’s a changing world, dinosaurs became extinct because the world changed and they didn’t change with it

FEAR – I’m afraid of getting things wrong

CHOICE – Edison taught us it was never wrong, just a prototype for getting it right

FEAR – I’m afraid of success probably because I don’t know what it looks like and assume that thing will encompass me and take over my life. Maybe that I will end up being a bad person that everyone hates

CHOICE – Back to being liked. This is nothing to do with success. Success could be being liked!!! Success is what YOU chose it to be

FEAR – I’m afraid of putting myself out there and what people will say

CHOICE – Anything people say is positive, for even negative comments are learning improvement points! Embrace change!

The probelm we all have is our own mindset!


How can YOU change this situation?

  1. have a plan – What is it you want from life or this business?
  2. take a step TOWARDS your plan EVERY day
  3. have a routine
  4. look after yourself – Eat properly, exercise, have YOU time
  5. think positively and change your mood – Listen to music or a podcast, watch your favourite film or go for a walk
  6. have the right friends and peers around you – You are the sum of the 5 people you hang around with the most!
  7. express yourself and your opinion to be YOU!

Believe me this stuff goes through EVERYONES head at some point of running a business and every now and again it comes back but to change the situation you MUST change what you are doing…

If you’ve always do what you’ve always done,
you will ALWAYS get what you’ve always got!

Believe in yourself!

What do you do to help you change the situation, the feeling and thoughts that run through your head? Feel free to leave a comment…

Have you ever been distracted by a Seagull?

SeagullThe other day I was taking my husband to work. On the way there is a large roundabout that’s usually busy all times of the day. It was 7:42am; a frosty and damp morning.

As we started on our journey we talked about work and what we were both doing during the day. There is a short dual carriage way on route to Andy’s place of work and within 5 minutes we were at the in front of the queue at the roundabout (in the outside lane turning right), our conversation just made our journey seem to go that little bit faster.

Whilst looking to see when I could make my entrance onto the roundabout, next to me was a LARGE white seagull stomping its feet on the wet grass on the central reservation, presumably calling worms to the surface by pretending it was raining (which I think is a rather clever trick).

I watched the seagull stamp in the same spot for about 6-8 seconds and then stop for a few seconds to look down at its feet, waiting for the worms to appear. I suddenly remembered I was in the car and Andy’s voice stopped being muffled and in the background to becoming louder and in the foreground (to his normal tone) saying “… or shall I just speak to myself”.

I did say “Sorry! I was distracted by a seagull…” (and that wasn’t the first time).

It made me think, in business we can get distracted by lots of things? What takes our focus away from the task at hand? You know the time when you really need to get something done. Social media notifications, emails pinging and then appearing in the right hand corner of your desktop or telephone calls to name but a few…

I’d like you to write down your distractions and then next to it write down how you can get away from it, stop it from happening or make a system/process to deal with it better.

Let’s get back to the task at hand and do more business or actual work. Delegation could be something that you could do to stop the extra distractions you don’t need OR creating a list with a maximum of 6 things that NEED to be completed by the close of business. Lists that consist of 12 things or more just don’t get done and or can become overwhelming.

As they say, the early bird catches the worm, so let’s get focused on the task at hand!

Leave a comment to share your tactics with me.  I’d be interested to hear how you deal with distractions.